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Things To Do in Wenshan

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Geological Sites
_We***88Puzhehei’s environment is very green and lush and it’s very relaxing to wander around between the green hills and besides the lakes. Even though it was rainy, the views were amazing. It’s very convenient to get around as there are signs everywhere. There are plenty of different activities to do to enjoy and explore the area. I will definitely come back here !
758 Reviews
罗小护As an Anshan person, I came to Guangnan for the first time. I feel that the beautiful scenery of the dam is beautiful and the price is high. I also live in the village. It is worth it for two people to serve dinner early. I suggest you come to Guangnan Bamei Scenic Area to take a boat and feel the customs of the ethnic minorities.
167 Reviews
mxx11The million acres of lotus in Swan Lake are very beautiful. It is a very lush time in the middle of summer. Maybe because I feel that the tickets are expensive, I don't have many people to go. It is very suitable for leisure tours and slowly take pictures.
146 Reviews
MW31Our family of four, including youngest age 5 climbed to the top. It is not an easy climb, with a continuing set of stairs. the view from the top is lovely, and you may enjoy bird song while moving through the forested hillside. we did not follow the trail to it’s end, but I think it’s possible to go up one place and come down another without retracing your steps. cost is free which is great! There are some photo ops and boating/paddle boarding offered for a fee.
78 Reviews
bjbillyjiaoXianrendong Village is one of the two main accommodation places in Puzhehei Scenic Area. Compared with the living area of Puzhehei Village, there are basically all inns, so the accommodation environment is better, there are scenic sightseeing cars to reach, if you don't buy a sightseeing ticket, You can come to Puzhehei on the bus from Puxin Bridge to Qiubei Line for 3 yuan. You can stop at the entrance of the resort and walk 5 or 600 meters. The bus from Puzhehei to the high-speed rail station stops here, but only 5 yuan.
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老老倪Sanla waterfall is located in Sanla village, Babao Town, Guangnan County, Yunnan Province, from the foot of Babao River to Babao Town, forming the three falls of the Yupingtai, the bathing platform, bow flower table wonders. The total drop of 120 meters, the length of 200 meters, rainy season did not see its face, water columns down, overwhelming, water fog, if twitter, the sound of the water roared, like thunder, like tiger, deafening. Listen to the sound of the earthquake, the ancient name of Xiangquan falls.

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About Wenshan

Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture is located in southeastern Yunnan province. It is an important transportation hub between Guangdong, Guangxi and southeastern coastal areas. The most famous attraction is the Puzhehei Scenic Area, home to spectacular karst limestone mountains surrounded by wetlands with a unique subtropical ecosystem. Other popular destinations include Yuxian Lake and Liujing Cave.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Wenshan
Sep 22, 2021 Wenshan Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 56%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:51/19:00
Wenshan Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Wenshan, including: Puzhehei,Swan Lake,Bamei Village
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