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Geological Sites
George 李伟I took a high speed train from CD East station. The transfer time from Kunmimg south to Puzhehei was insanely long but after arriving at the scenic spot of Puzhehei, I forgot the tiresome train hours. Puzhehei got Green topography and Blue sky. I totally loved my experience here.
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境无界The dam beauty is surrounded by mountains and hidden deep at the foot of mountains, so as a carriage goes all the way in, there are many scenery, but the path to and from the dam beauty is heart-warming and amazing.
167 Reviews
雷雄斐Lai Puzhe black, swan lake is not to go. Swan lake is to watch the birds flying together, close contact with the swan, feel the harmony between human and nature, human and animals. Black Swan Lake area still maintain the most original scenery, less a bustling hustle, more a bit of wild tranquility. A pool of lotus color, half a mu of good land, warm wind, peach red sway.
148 Reviews
MW31Our family of four, including youngest age 5 climbed to the top. It is not an easy climb, with a continuing set of stairs. the view from the top is lovely, and you may enjoy bird song while moving through the forested hillside. we did not follow the trail to it’s end, but I think it’s possible to go up one place and come down another without retracing your steps. cost is free which is great! There are some photo ops and boating/paddle boarding offered for a fee.
75 Reviews
老老倪Sanla waterfall is located in Sanla village, Babao Town, Guangnan County, Yunnan Province, from the foot of Babao River to Babao Town, forming the three falls of the Yupingtai, the bathing platform, bow flower table wonders. The total drop of 120 meters, the length of 200 meters, rainy season did not see its face, water columns down, overwhelming, water fog, if twitter, the sound of the water roared, like thunder, like tiger, deafening. Listen to the sound of the earthquake, the ancient name of Xiangquan falls.
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Historical Architecture
M28***27This time I mainly went to Wenbi Tower. When I arrived at Dongshan Park, I was very curious about the Xihua Park, which is facing each other. So I did a direct bus to Wenshan City. I didn’t expect Xihua Park to be free of charge and I also gave it an alias. Sanyuan Cave has beautiful scenery, lush greenery, fresh air, and not high mountains, but each step is steep. You can climb up the stairs and have a panoramic view of Wenshan City. There are also Confucian Temples inlaid in the cave, Guanyin, God of Wealth, and Kuixing. It is more lifelike, it is really unique, and it is worthy of a good place for locals to relax and keep healthy.

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About Wenshan

Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture is located in southeastern Yunnan province. It is an important transportation hub between Guangdong, Guangxi and southeastern coastal areas. The most famous attraction is the Puzhehei Scenic Area, home to spectacular karst limestone mountains surrounded by wetlands with a unique subtropical ecosystem. Other popular destinations include Yuxian Lake and Liujing Cave.

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Oct 25, 2021 Wenshan Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 100%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:04/18:30
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Here are the best places to visit in Wenshan, including: Puzhehei,Swan Lake,Bamei Village
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