West Marmara Region
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Things To Do in West Marmara Region

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多姐小桃DorisI took a ferry across the Dardanelles and rushed to the hotel after the egg yolk dropped to the sea level. In the middle, I went to the ancient city ruins of Troy. Of course, the wooden horse at the entrance to the ruins was copied, but the children liked it very much. Ask for a photo, but I can’t see my face. A wooden horse destroyed an ancient city, which is also a miracle in the history of war.
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M34***68Now the famous Trojan horse has disappeared in the long history, the present is made of Greek mythology of the pine tree of Mount Ida, built in 1975, about two stories high, climbing the ladder inside to visit, give you a visual sense.
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多姐小桃DorisTurkey’s westernmost point, the point connecting the Marmara Sea and the Aegean Sea, has been a battleground for military strategists since ancient times. This is the place where Turkey’s fine pottery is produced. In Byzantine Greek, the city’s name is Danylia. This is also the representative place of higher education in Turkey. It is a great mood for the blue ocean to travel from Europe to Asia by boat. The sun is violent at noon, so you don’t need to wear down.
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Ancient Settlement
zixunshi99A beautiful seaside town with an Eurasian holiday style. We came to this place in winter. It was already very hot in March, so I think if summer comes, it will be really hot.
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Historical Architecture
多姐小桃DorisThe clock tower is right next to the port. It’s not too eye-catching. I didn’t have time to take pictures. I added a few street scenes to get to know this small town in the westernmost part of Turkey. Olive trees are planted everywhere and canned fish is also very famous.
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Memorial Hall
门子乀Australia and New Zealand have beautiful scenery, rich natural resources, leisurely life and simple folk customs. It is hard to imagine that such a blessed nation would have been involved in a war a century ago, and many people would never go back. War, always under the guise of glorious glory, will eventually drive everyone crazy. This battle gave birth to the independence of Australia and also contributed to the establishment of the modern democratic Republic of Turkey. Kemal, who led Turkey to win this campaign, became famous and became the first president of the Republic of Turkey. He was honored as the "Father of Turkey" by the Turks and is still very much loved in Turkey.