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Things To Do in Woyang

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Taoist Temple
106***66Tianjing Palace, commonly known as Laozi Temple, also known as Zhongtaiqing Palace. It is a sacred place to commemorate Laozi, the great thinker, philosopher, founder of Taoism School and founder of Taoism in the pre-Qin period of China. Tianjing Palace is located in Zhengdian Village, Huibei Street, Huiyang County, Zhangzhou City, Anhui Province.
14 Reviews
Famous Residences
邵携手尹同行Able people in Anhui, a generation of heroes, awe-inspiring, I can have no food, but I can't live without faith, without the principles of life, a visit is impressive, it makes people happy, excited, and worth a visit!
4 Reviews
City Park
滇国剑客Although Guoyang does not rely on the sea, Guoyang has many water systems. Therefore, the scenic beauty of tourist attractions including Chengxi Park makes tourists linger, as if to find the best spot with unlimited scenery.
2 Reviews
City Park
滇国剑客Riverside Park because of the water, the southern scenery contrasted with the particularly beautiful natural scenery, so, visitors to the vortex Yang tour, all take to the riverside park as one of the must-visit attractions.
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Historical Site
蛙儿子Construction of the Shangguoyang Shiplock started in 1971 and was completed in 1974. It is still in use today. In the 1960s, several control gates (one each in Bengbu, Mengcheng, Guoyang, and Bozhou) were built on the Guohe River to regulate the water volume of the Guohe River, which changed the past “heavy rains, heavy rains, small rains, and no rains” in northern Anhui. "Drought" situation effectively guarantees local agricultural production. This is one of the four control gates of Guohe-Guoyang Gate Upstairs is the hoist room that controls the lifting of the gate, which is now driven by electricity. In the past, it was manpower. Whenever the gate was opened and closed, many people turned the winch together in front, which was very lively. In order to take advantage of the navigation needs of the Guohe River, a ship lock was built beside the control gate.
3 Reviews
City Park
PrincessttI just wanted to see the weather for a kite, but the park is really not big, it doesn't seem to be very suitable for kite flying, so I will have to look for other parks next time, but the park is very flowery

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Chengxi ParkBozhou,China

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Gaolu Ancient TownBozhou,China

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Yingou Christ ChurchBozhou,China

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Meicheng Ancient SiteBozhou,China

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Binhe ParkBozhou,China

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Hongchengwenti SquareBozhou,China

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Oct 21, 2021 Woyang Weather: Clear, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 99%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:24/17:35
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Here are the best places to visit in Woyang, including: Tianjing Palace,Residence of Ma Yukun,Tang Yue Four Seasons Soup Spring
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