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Things To Do in Wuqi

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CharlyRecently, because of the new car, I always want to find the surrounding attractions. Last year, I heard about Jingbian Wave Valley by chance. I checked the pictures online with my wife on Friday. I felt very beautiful. I left early Saturday morning directly. Wave Valley is located in Jingbian County, Gansu Province, 310 kilometers from Yinchuan City, it takes about 3 and a half hours to drive, the scenic spot ticket costs 100 yuan, and the glass path costs 50 yuan. The scenic spot belongs to the new attraction, it should be just completed in the first period. It is still very worth looking forward to the future of the planning of the scenic spot. It takes 11000 steps to complete the transfer of the scenic spot! ! ! I measured it, it is not recommended to take the elderly and younger children to play. Because it takes frequent going up and down the mountain to see the beautiful scenery. It takes 4 hours to tour. (Special reminder here, there are local villagers at the entrance of the scenic spot to take tourists to see the Danxia landform nearby, saying that you can step directly on the Danxia to take pictures, I hope everyone will boycott and protect the beautiful scenery together). It is recommended that everyone stay directly at the nearby hotel after playing, because it is too tired 😭 Wave valley is the most beautiful Danxia landform I have seen so far, in the sunshine under the red, the whole tour gives the feeling can only be expressed with surprise, nothing said, to everyone on the picture.
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邂逅lifeThe area is not small, the views are still good, the air is fresh
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Memorial Hall
M29***62Nanliang Revolutionary Memorial Hall is located in Liyuanbao Village, Nanliang Town, Huachi County, Qingyang City. It is the seat of the former Soviet government of Shaanxi-Gansu Border. It is a national patriotism education demonstration base, a national defense education base, and the first batch of one hundred classic red tourism scenic spots in the country. The memorial hall is composed of gate towers, archways, monuments, exhibition halls, reliefs, government sites, Qingyin Building, etc.
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139***13In the loess plateau, the magic of the Grand Canyon attracts people from all directions, Ganquan Grand Canyon reputation is becoming brighter and brighter, such as into the nest, difficult to walk. Ganquan Grand Canyon is located in Yuyaogou, Xiasiwan Town, Ganquan County, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province. It is a red sandstone geology, which is formed by sand cut and water dissolved and scoured over millions years. "The Loess Plateau naturally seams wonders" is a beauty. Because red sandstone in different seasons of water content, light absorption and refractive index are different, so Ganquan Grand Canyon will display different colors all year round. Being known as "The World Live Danxia, the Valley of the Chinese Dream". Ganquan Grand Canyon is said to have more than 100 "stone cracks", billions of years, according to the softness of water cut through the form of different artistic boutique, I only learned Longba Valley and Yushu Valley, when you come, swim a few more ditches, share a, too many people, photography difficult, can only cross the head to take a photo.
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首席监理Baota Mountain is located in the center of Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province, with an altitude of 1135.5 meters. It is a symbol and symbol of Yan'an, a revolutionary holy place. The scenic spot is a line of historical relics and revolutionary sites, integrating the human landscape and natural landscape. On the climb, Yan'an scenery panoramic, the plateau scenery a panoramic view, visitors all admire: "Only climbing the pagoda mountain, just really arrived in Yan'an."
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