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三湖彩云Wuwei's tomb of Lei Tai Han, once unearthed the world famous "Copper Benma." A tomb, many stories, many legends. In the experience of these, it is recommended to leave some time to see "Liangzhou Ciyu Exhibition." Wuwei is the ancient Liangzhou, the Silk Road border fortress, how many outstanding Wenchen and martial arts generals have been stationed here. The north country border to the empty desolate, connect oneself shoulder the country heavy responsibility, the heroic feeling is born, so pass down countless poems and poems, among them "liangzhou song song song song song" form creation, with Wang Zhiqi, Wang Xian as the representative works, deeply loved by later generations. This exhibition focuses on the style of Liangzhou Ci, very rare!
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Hot Springs Resort
董珗珄The internal various drug pools are quite rich, the environment is also good, especially suitable for bringing the whole family to play, not too far away for 1 hour. It is the music that is not tuned, and it feels too noisy as the music of the swimming pool disco. It is supposed to be a place to relax and take a bath because it is better to put some light music.
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柳灏One of the three major Confucius Temples in China, the head of the Yaoyou School Palace, was built in the Ming Dynasty. Although there was no Zhuangyuan in the area, it has preserved a large ancient building group with very northwest characteristics. There are not many tourists. It is very worth seeing.
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LHCYTiantishan Grottoes are not only one of the earliest caves in China, but also the representative of the early grottoes in China. It has profound influence, has a very high historical status and artistic value, and is known as the origin of grottoes and the ancestor of grottoes by the historians. The large Buddha Grottoes seen at present are created in the Tang Dynasty, and the most valuable caves in the North and the Liang Caves are the same as the national treasure-grade grottoes in China. The large frescoes in the large Buddha Grottoes are painted in the north and south, and the whole frescoes are fresh and bright in color and vivid in image. Walking forward, the 17 small caves on the left and upper side of the large Buddha Caves are in the state of natural stone caves due to serious erosion. There are still some statues and frescoes in the caves, including the head of the Stone Buddha in Northern Wei Dynasty, the statue of Bodhisattva in Northern Zhou Dynasty and the statue of Tang Shaka. The murals are not preserved much, but overlapped, some up to 5 layers, in the peeling heavy layers of murals exposed the northern cool, northern Wei, Tang and other remnants of paintings, among which the northern cool murals, bodhisattva straight nose, large eyes, thick lips, white nose beams, crown curls, the upper body half-naked, waist-wrapped skirts, Western early features of the murals are obvious. It's plain and simple.
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M22***67The Xixia Museum is also a museum that everyone must visit when they come to Wuwei. This museum and the Confucian Temple opposite constitute a tourist attraction. Confucian Temple is of course charged, and this museum is free. Don't think that the free attraction is not a good attraction, there are still many treasures, and the museum is also very careful, the two-story building to show us the civilization and culture of the West Xia.
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LHCYWuwei Desert Park is located on the edge of the Tengri Desert 22 kilometers east of Wuwei City. It was built in 1986. It covers an area of 1.2 million mu. It is the earliest park in China established in the desert. It is known as the "First Garden of Shahai". It has become a scenic spot integrating desert scenery, grassland style and garden taste. The main attractions are artificial lakes, karting car parks, Mongolian bag resorts, sand botanical gardens, swimming pools, pavilions, racecourses, peach blossom pavilions, sand-sliding, four-wheel off-road parking lot.

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Jiumo LuoshisiWuwei,China

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Haicang TempleWuwei,China

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Maya Snow MountainWuwei,China

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About Wuwei

Located in central Gansu Province and known in ancient times as Liangzhou, Wuwei was a hub of the famous Silk Road, a famous city in China’s history and culture, and an international gateway. Weiwu has a long history as a cultural center and contains many cultural relics. Its main cultural sights include the Baita Temple (“Hundred Stupa Temple”), the Leitai Tombs of the Han Dynasty, the Kumarajiva Temple, the Tianti Mountain Grottoes, and the Tianzhu Sanxia (“Heaven-Blessed Three Gorges”) National Forest Park (天祝三峡国家森林公园).

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Here are the best places to visit in Wuwei, including: Leitai Park,Wuwei Hot Spring Resort,Confucian Temple Changchun
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