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Things To Do in Wuwei

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Hot Springs Resort
M36***40The hot spring is quite good, the children play a lot of projects, is the slide where the water is a bit cold, hot is good. The buffet is good, there are quite a lot of varieties, taste good, and there is an outdoor pool, but it is cold today, I didn't dare to go outside to soak. There is a lounge. The chairs are very comfortable and I have fallen asleep. I will come to play later.
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LHCYTiantishan Grottoes also known as Liangzhou Grottoes, also known as Liangzhou Great Buddha Grottoes, located 50 kilometers south of Wuwei City, Zhangyi Town Dengshan Village, by Liangzhou famous monks to dig. The caves were founded in the Northern Liang Dynasty in the 16-country period of Eastern Jin Dynasty, and were built successively from the Northern Dynasty, Sui and Tang Dynasties, Xixia to Ming and Qing Dynasties. It has been built more than 1600 years ago. It is a representative of the early grotto art in China. Tiantishan Grottoes are one of the earliest caves in China, and also the representative of the art of grottoes in early China. It is the source of Yungang Grottoes and Longmen Grottoes.
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镰谷市包拯There is still a charge for a small mountain ditch 12O with too pit people, there is no bright spot, the various facilities inside are also very poor, I strongly recommend that the whole country not go. It is too disappointing! Repent!
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西单大叔Leitai is a 4A level scenic spot, but also to Wuwei must visit the scenic spot, here in the 60s found Leitai Han Tomb, unearthed more than 200 cultural relics, including, in the 80s was designated as China's tourist symbol of the horse flying Yan bronze statue. "As soon as the scenic area enters the gate, it is a tall statue of the horse and the flying swallow, and then the statue of the car and the horse of honor excavated from the tomb of Han Dynasty, the tomb of Han Dynasty in Leitai Guan, there is also a Han culture exhibition hall and a Liangzhou Ci exhibition hall." It would take at least an hour to look at it as a whole.
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西单大叔Built in Ming Dynasty, Wuwei Confucian Temple was the highest position in the northwest. This Confucian temple is large in size, several courtyards, large halls, Zhuangyuan Bridge and Confucius are all available, there is also a printing museum in the courtyard, visitors can not only see the ancient sites and learn knowledge, but also have a good scenery, is a very worthwhile experience of 4A level scenic spot.
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方知行Personally, I like to visit the museum very much. This time, it is the Wuwei Xixia Museum. In the vicinity of the Confucian Temple, you don't have to buy tickets for free. You can park at the door. The museum introduces the history of the Xixia. There are not many historical materials left after the destruction of the country in the Xixia. The text is also mysterious. It seems that the Chinese characters are not. There is a stone monument in the pavilion which is very valuable.