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Things To Do in Wuyi

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National Park
早春残雪From Wuyi County to Niutou Mountain, the scenery is beautiful and the scenic spots are gathered. There are Huatian Town, Wuyuan, Liuxiulong, Yanfu Temple, etc., the car dealership is about 40 minutes, passing Liucheng Town, driving about 20 minutes on the Panshan Road, then you arrive at the park entrance, tickets are 110 yuan, Trip.com 100 yuan, Even if you stay in the hotel in the scenic area, you must buy tickets, and the scenic area needs to be checked twice. Entering the scenic area is Dream Hot Spring Hotel, Niujiao Mountain Villa, Bird's Nest three tourist hotels, there are beaches, rafting and other amusement areas nearby, you can conduct parent-child activities. Follow the mountain road and take about 20 minutes to the National Forest Park entrance. The whole scenic area goes up the mountain line, enjoy the mountain color, listen to the water at the foot of the stream, while the downhill line goes down the stream, mainly view the water, so the different line is set up to let the tourists have different feelings along the way, up the mountain about two hours, the way will pass the bathing fairy lake, life gate, a line sky, Golden cable bridge, observation platform and other attractions, the highest peak for the Tianshi Hall, downhill walkway is glass path, Qixi bridge and other attractions, and, the path is the winding stream water, from time to time in the fall formation of different forms of waterfalls, very spectacular. The scenic area is full of trees, the four seasons present different scenery, not lost as "Jiangnan Xiaojiuzhai", here to vacation, hot springs, beautiful scenery, mountain climbing, play rafting, always can meet your wishes.
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Hot Springs Resort
JCNReally enjoyed the hotsprings. Very clean environment and polite staff. Alot of different pool to choose from.
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M33***48When rafting, because can't bring mobile phone, so a picture is not left, we drift faster, less than an hour to the end of the rafting. There was a slight glitch in the middle of the way, and our rubber boat was stuck in the middle passage, and the three of us had a hard time pulling it down, and the boat behind us slowed down and crashed into it, and it was a near-death experience.
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Hot Springs Resort
mdczimmermanWe had the most relaxing vacation! We spent 4 days at the resort and came to Hot Springs every day. It was never too crowded or loud! Every day we could find at least 1 pool empty, so it felt luxurious and private. If you soak in the pools near the road, you will occasionally here traffic. But, if you soak in the center, you will feel like you are in your only little paradise. We absolutely Loved it and can’t wait to return. ❤️
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Geological Sites
大亚湾的鲨鱼On the last day of May 1, from Songyang to Wuyi to go home. There are almost no one in this AAAA scenic spot, and a family of three is packing. Visitors who have seen other Danxia landforms may feel the scenery is average, it is not worth it to come here. The big red rock under the sunset on the ticket did not see it in the scenic spot. And then I went out and went around a reservoir and it didn't feel like a place.
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JCNMagnificent scenery and clean environment. Alot of trees and nature surrounding this area. The old architecture and feel of the old town living was also beautiful. Alot of nice places to take pictures