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Things To Do in Wuzhong

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M13***14Very recommended a fun place, first time to Wuzhong, the impression is quite good, we stayed at the Vienna Hotel (Wuzhong High Speed Rail Station), the service and health of the hotel are particularly good, the front desk lady recommended the attractions here, easy to drive, the route of the attractions has A, Two B lines, it is recommended that there are more B lines, scenery and play places, feel the shock of the Yellow River, in short, I was not disappointed and returned.
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Modern Architecture
占士JLZAlthough it is a newly built attraction, overall it is very good. Every floor of the Yellow River Building has different themes to introduce Chinese culture and history. The top floor can look out on all sides. There are large shows on Friday and Saturday night. Every performance around the Yellow River Building changes the stage once. It is beautiful!
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Nature Reserve
205***60Haba Lake Scenic Area is an eco-tourism area. After years of management, the large deserts around Haba Lake have formed various ecological forest areas. The area is so large that it cannot be accessed without transportation. Of course, there are RVs and campsites, you can drive in. The scenery is beautiful, but only in the morning and before sunset is the most beautiful. We went to noon, the light was strong, and the photos were not effective. There are also a large number of ecological areas, vegetable gardens, rape gardens, and sunflower gardens. If you live there for a little leisure, you will find more beauty if you don't rush.
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whljz5588This May Day, with two treasures and his mother-in-law, came to the Qingtongxia 108 Tower Scenic Area. The scenic area is well planned. In the arid area of the northwest, there can be such a water area, and there is such a ancient tower retained by the West Xia Kingdom. It is worth visiting from the aspects of humanities, history and scenery. It is also economical to not take the boat for 50 yuan.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
哈哈岛张易之The Chinese Yellow River Altar is creatively cast in bronze to express the Chinese nation’s origin of drinking water, gratitude and virtue, and admiration of the Yellow River mother. The Yellow River Altar is 999 meters long and 200 meters wide. It has a construction area of 65,000 square meters. It is backed by the Helan Mountain Range and stands Niu Shou Mountain across the river. It is near the arm of the Yellow River for thousands of miles on the left and the mouth of the Qingtong Gorge on the right.
Nearby City
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Jjp金Ningxia water cave gou tourist area, also known as the site of the Paleolithic age. There are Ming Dynasty Great Wall, castle, Tibetan soldiers caves and other military buildings. Interestingly, the scenic area uses five modes of transportation to take tourists to visit the entire line ~ battery car, camel car, tuk-tuk, cruise ship, and tractor sightseeing car.