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Things To Do in Xianju

4,496 Reviews
Geological Sites
Nelshenxianju. come visit this place. this is one of the best place for hiking. breathtaking views.
152 Reviews
_We***37The scenery is pleasant, the Guanyin Bridge is quite spectacular, very high, a little bit afraid of heights, there is a little rain when I go, the fog is very big, some places can't see it, the scenic facilities are still very good, the two escalators are very high, the play is not tired
161 Reviews
Catharina Drift down the river on a bamboo raft. Wear your swimming costume so that you can jump into the river if you want to. You drift downstream for about an hour and a bus will then take you back to where you started.
318 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
三湖彩云Muming went to, did not consider the bayberry festival, so I looked at the ancient town. However, the ancient town ancient street is also similar and small, the characteristics are not obvious, not many tourists. Only one ancient house inside another colored light display, very interesting. The traditional lights of all colors, the mirrors of all sides are stunning...
313 Reviews
tommy1979Not many people climb the mountain, not many attractions on the mountain, is to take the elevator up the mountain, from the above to see the panshan km is very beautiful, there is a temple on the mountain is not very prosperous, the most exciting is to go down the mountain, from the mountain to take a slide down, the road is very smooth.
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M16***78Temporary decision to go rafting, chose the nearest route fairy valley rafting, felt not bad, the water is still clean, the scenery along the way is very beautiful, the water war is not happy, play down for an hour and a half or so, have to prepare a clothes and pants, because it will wet!