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E44***43Probably should visit at certain time to catch the best view. We have arrived in the afternoon, not worth the travel. Only if you pass nearby on the way somewhere else. More likely, better time during the sunrise.
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Ancient Trees
E44***43Start your morning photo session here, catch the performance by local actors for an endless teams of photographers even before 9:00 am. Got a professional camera?- you”ll get nice pics. Traveling around with the phone camera only?- keep going to the next location of Glass bridge.
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M33***53The East Wall is a beautiful place to watch the sunset in the whole Xiapu tourist attractions, and many of the walls are now painted with very beautiful pictures. The whole bridge was not fixed when I went, and many people would stand on it to watch the sunset, which would be a big trouble for the project, but I believe that in the near future, after the bridge is fixed, many people would pass by and see the beauty.
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穿白衬衣的薄荷星In fact, the sunset view of Xiaoyan Beach is super beautiful! Unlike the east wall, this side encounters the tide and the tide and the beach exposed is more texture, and the photos are more tension. Sunset 🌅 On the eve of the day, there will be several fishermen (feeling deliberately prepared for photography) walking around the beach, licking the fishing net, plus the change of light and shadow brought by the tide and sunset, beautiful! But because it is the last day, I still want to go into the water and play, get up close to the beach and experience the feeling of catching the sea. This is definitely a favorite activity for children! Seeing a lot of families, with children, with shovels and buckets to grab crabs 🦀, shrimp 🦐, shellfish 🐚. Just when the tide is low, the beach is small seafood, I took off my shoes and walked deeper on the soft beach. Originally, these shells 🐚-like creatures really move! There are heads and feet! If they find a little movement, they will shrink and pretend to die, it is so fun! Inland I was so excited, started to pay attention to their every move. At this time, the sun slowly fell, and I felt that the crabs were a little frequent, and I rushed back to the shore step by step, afraid to step on them. The shrimp in the super fast! And forced me to jump around! Haha! Although this trip did not take a sunset on the mountain, it is worth ~ This is a trip! 📍 Xiaoyan Beach (Xiaoyan Village) 💰 Ticket: No 🅿️ Parking fee: Parking fee of 10 yuan per time on the beach 📸 Photo Note: ① If you take pictures of fishermen on the beach, they may find you to charge ~② Photo Point in Figure 9️⃣, not on the beach, on the next mountain, you can see the sights. Photographers sincerely recommend that if it is a family tour, it is best to play with water ~🚗 Traffic Raiders like me: If it is not self-driving, you can take the bus, direction of Sansha-Xiapu, purple red car. I used to be 5 yuan from the East Wall. Remember that the last bus is about 18:00 ~ If you pass the last bus, you will call a car.
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佩佩abcDajing is known as the "Fujian Hawaii" and "Northeast of Guangdong Daihe". The beach is 3000 meters long and 200 meters wide. The beauty of Dajing Beach is that the dune known by locals as "Sharon Hill". It's so wonderful to walk on the beach with your bare feet. You can only take off your shoes and walk, and you can appreciate it and taste it. Outside Sharon Hill is a gentle slope, near the top of the shelters, seawater can not be immersed, sand white and white, dry. After absorbing the heat of the sun, step on warm without hot, plus soft sand gently rub, than the foot massage more comfortable.
48 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
M22***67To the Sansha tour, in addition to the beautiful sunrise to see flowers and bamboo, there is another need for everyone to pay attention to is here laver and kelp seafood is worth buying back. It's much cheaper than the price in Xiapu, so I bought a lot of laver here and took it home and gave it to my friends.

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Beiqi WetlandsNingde,China

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Liuyun CaveNingde,China

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Dajing FortressNingde,China

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Xiapu Niuyutan Tu Tiyan Sceneic AreaNingde,China

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Dong'aowei CornerNingde,China

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Xiapu Travel Tips

About Xiapu

Xiapu County is situated in northeastern Fujian province close to the city of Ningde. It was the province's first port to be opened up to trade from Taiwan. The county is known for its unique scenery – major sites include Gehong Mountain, the teaching place of the Song dynasty philosopher Zhu Xi, Jianshan Temple, an ancient fortress and Sansha Liuyun Cave.

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Oct 24, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Xiapu
Oct 24, 2021 Xiapu Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 82%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:04/17:24
Xiapu Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Xiapu, including: Yang Jiaxi,Beiqi Wetlands,Xiaohao Village
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