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Things To Do in Xilinhot

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疾风不可及It is recommended to buy tickets for the Central District, good view, the South and North District have columns to block the view. All are real scenes, people and horses are very good, it is worth everyone to see a game, the time is late 7:40-8:50.
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疾风不可及The scenery on the top is really beautiful, the volcanoes are unobstructed, and the prairie view was super wide. It's just that the scenic steps are still being repaired, it's not very easy to walk, and the workers are still working. Tickets 20 are very cheap, including the cost of the shuttle bus.
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鸿雁Visited his daughter's in-laws with his brother's family. Fortunately, I boarded the Erdun Aobao Mountain in Xilinhot City and visited Beizi Temple (name given by Qianlong: Chongshan Temple) in Shannan. This is a temple with typical Tibetan Buddhism characteristics and was built in the eighth year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1743) with the support of Balaji Dorji, the prince of Beizi. People on the grassland call it "Beizi Temple". There are 5 main halls in the whole temple: Chaoqin (Administrative Education) Hall in the middle, Labrang (living Buddha) Hall, Queri (Philosophy) Hall, Manba (Medical Affairs) Hall and Zhudeba (Astronomy and Mathematics) Hall on both sides. temple. Over 200 years of history and inheritance, despite the hardships, the temple's incense is now flourishing. Learn about the religious culture of Tin City, where there are heavy historical and cultural relics.
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一只小唐稀Now you have to apply for a local health code, register your name, and phone address to enter the museum. There are a lot of exhibits inside. I like sculptures with ethnic characteristics the most. If you look closely, it takes three hours.
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National Park
真诚7577Self-driving tour of Beijing-Taipusi Banner-Xilin Jiuqu-Xilinhot-Baiyin Ranch-Dali Nuoer Lake-Jingpeng Town-Duolun Lake-Beijing, the interaction with horses in Baiyin Ranch is very fun, watching horses play and experience The pleasure of riding
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M44***14The Hunshandake Desert is one of the ten largest deserts in my country. It is located at the southern end of the Xilin Gol Grassland. It is the closest source of sand to Beijing for a straight line of kilometers away from Beijing! It is China's famous desert with water, blisters and sand springs, and spring water emerges from the sand! Strange landscape, beautiful scenery, known as Jiangnan outside the Great Wall!