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Things To Do in Xinbaerhuzuoqi

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M31***66Very satisfied with the service, hygiene and food of this resort! like
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天高云淡静Ganzhuer Temple believed in Tibetan Buddhism and was built by the imperial imperial family of the Qing Dynasty. At that time, the Mongolian and Manchu imperial families were closely related. The temple was occupied by the Japanese during World War II and built many fortifications, which was later destroyed by the war. Now it has been rebuilt and it is still a famous temple in this area.
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走遍天下XZJune Hulun eel season Hulun Lake, Inner Mongolia the first big lake, Mongolian: the lake like the sea. If come to Inner Mongolia in June, must go to Hulun Lake to try the Hulun eel, that is called a delicious fat tender! Hulunbuir is named after Hulun Lake and the two famous lakes, but the lake is too far away, traffic is inconvenient.
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AviationistaAbsolutely amazing scenery and culture! Definitely recommend going there during summer time!
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bestsingerOn the way back to Hailar from Manzhouli, passing by the Barhu Mongolian tribe, our driver strongly recommended the horse dance equestrian show here, saying that Hulunbuir came for nothing if he had not seen the horse dance. After reading it, I really feel that it is worth the fare. The Mongolians are worthy of being a nation on horseback. You can feel the magnificence of galloping horses at close range, and the tacit understanding between the rider and the horse. It is really a performance that Hulunbuir cannot miss.