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Ancient Settlement
旅游桌椅This is the birthplace of the ancestor of the Qing Dynasty Nurhachi and the castle, saigu, Hanwanggong, academies, etc. built by his distinguished achievements. The water well, lotus pond, military training ground, stage, etc., can be swim for two to four hours on foot ☆
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Rock Monument
M39***84Very good, go with my lover, surrounded by mountains, it rained all morning, stopped at 12 noon, and entered the garden at 12:08. The mountains are foggy and the wonderland of the world is average. Add flat food, you must go, challenge your own figure and perseverance! There are two kinds of mountaineering methods: climbing to see the monkey stones and worshiping the moon. We choose to take a sightseeing bus and hike down the mountain, which saves both physical strength and time. Ticket 50, in 40, save 10 yuan to take a sightseeing bus. Peaks and peaks, streams and streams, with a freehand artistic conception of landscape, worthy of the name "natural oxygen bar." Overall, great scenery, good value for money, fun and fun,
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300***72The parking lot with the children is better to find the place where the middle and middle play. There are more projects in the scenic area than the children in the scenic area nearby. 1.5 meters to play. The children are still very happy. The big swing high-altitude rafting has a waterfall. Overall, it's not bad. Play 3-4 hours
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SaweizhenWe took the National Day holiday on October 1st, and walked along the north to the south of Liaoning, to the Qing Yongling in Xinbin County, which has its own architectural features and artistic features in architectural form, layout, modeling and craftsmanship.
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Gavinly2020.6.21 Father’s Day, today is also a total solar eclipse. Although I didn’t see it with the naked eye, it takes 5 hours to drive from Shenyang to and from Shenyang. There are two or three hours in the scenic area. The mountains are very cool. The normal ticket price of Gangshan is 50 yuan. Drive directly to the entrance of the climbing steps, the simple and rude 1700 steps. It is easy to go up. I want to take the stairs. The navigation and positioning are not accurate. I need to continue to drive forward. The scenery on the road is good. My son has a good time ^_^ , The gravel on the top of the mountain is a bit slippery, take my son to play, Polingikea is bald, it hurts a little bit, be careful, the ticket seller said that there are flat stones, there are several other characteristics, very nice, you can ask in advance Ask him, it's a nice scenic spot, suitable for parents and children
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hi绿野仙踪Muqi Town has a long history and strong Manchu customs. It is the birthplace of a generation of dynasties and is known as "Muxi" in history. Muxi is Manchu and Chinese is now "Muqi". There are many places of interest here, including the largest red pine tree in the country, known as the "sacred tree".

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Hetuala CityFushun,China

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Xingjing ParkFushun,China

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Suzi River RaftingFushun,China

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Tianhu ResortFushun,China

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China Manzu Mores GardenFushun,China

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Xinbin
Oct 19, 2021 Xinbin Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 82%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:56/16:54
Xinbin Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Xinbin, including: Hetuala City,Houshi (Monkey Rock) National Forest Park,Yongling Tombs of the Qing Dynasty
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