Inner Mongolia
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National Park
lyn0919There is a place, our country famous four steppes meet here, the largest original forest in the country is here, it sets the high mountains, canyons, lakes, color forest, volcano, glacier in one, all the seasons are suitable for travel, all the seasons are beautiful breathtakingly, it is - - Alshan. Arshan National Forest Park has unique northern scenery, rare in the world, world-famous.
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Kuaile-11The total area of Aershan Orenbukan Scenic Area is 256km2. The grasslands, forests, volcanoes, glaciers, wetlands, sea of flowers and lakes are integrated in the scenic area. Completely preserved the historical imprint of the lost civilization of Tunguska. Worship the gods and believe in shamans. The scenic area includes a variety of fantasy experiences such as tribal visits, black forest crossing, wild river rafting, container theme hotels, self-driving camps, star rooms, functional hot springs, self-driving cross-country, and ancient volcanic rock barbecues. The Orembukan Scenic Area is the filming location of "Brothers Run" through the Black Forest. It is also an excellent location for bicycle camps and wild river rafting. You can also find the Orumbukan tribe and experience the Orumbukan cuisine!
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zzzroversGoing to the top, you can either walk up the steps or take the Mitsubishi 4-drive car that is 50 per person in the scenic spot. Because it is going to rain, the mountain road is very steep, we chartered the driver not dare, said that his SUV power is generally very suspended up the mountain. Still choose the scenic car. It's quite fast up the mountain, the scenery is good, but there may be a leisurely point for fear of heights, there is no guardrail. There will be a birch forest in the middle, you can take a photo.
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行走天下走起Worth a visit! The Alshan is named for the hot springs. The relationship between the hot spring development and the local people's life is considered when planning the town. There is no confusion of overexploitation of business. It is a good choice to take a health resort. There are treatment cards. You like to go to the hot springs.
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Historical Architecture
Cherry??2009^_^The smallest and most beautiful railway station in China 🚉 Guo'ershan Railway Station. The railway station was built in 1937, and it has been 89 years since now. The Japanese-style architecture is very beautiful and continues to be used today.
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世界真美好东东Dufu Lake is located in the National Forest Scenic Area of Alshan City, Xing'an League. It is a lake formed by lava flowing to block up river valleys when volcanoes erupt. It is located 92 kilometers northeast of Alshan City, at an elevation of 1244 meters, and covers an area of 128 hectares. The lake is named after the lake is full of azaleas. Every year around May Day, flowering period is only about 20 days. Although the current flower season has passed, but the lake light water color but we have left a deep impression!

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Shengquan Tourist Resort of Aes HaishenXinganmeng,China

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A'er Shan Guojia Dizhi ParkXinganmeng,China

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Chaiheyuanda CanyonXinganmeng,China

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Hala Hahepiao YouquXinganmeng,China

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Wulanhada Ski FieldXinganmeng,China

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About Xinganmeng

Hinggan is a League located in the northeastern part of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It gets its name from the mid-section of the Great Hinggan Mountain Range that is in the area. The Hinggan League was a revolutionary base area. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China’s first ethnic minority autonomous region, was born here. Hence, the Hinggan League is home to revolutionary sites such as Ulanhu’s Office and the National Liberation Memorial Hall. Other attractions include A'ershan National Forest Park, Heavenly Lake, and the Genghis Khan Temple.

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Here are the best places to visit in Xinganmeng, including: Arxan National Forest Park,Arxan,Orenbukan Scenic Area
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