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JCNits a really beautiful park to visit to escape the city for peace and tranquility. was good to be surrounded by so much nature and fresh air. the park looks amazing with all the trees and water surrounding it. it was also very cool to take a boat ride through the park
1,839 Reviews
fcy911The best place to watch the rape flowers is the Millennium Scenic Area of Xinghua Ganggu Township. Every April, when the rape flowers bloom, "the rape flowers bloom gold" attracted tourists. The biggest feature of the rape flowers here is the small boats in the water small island-like paddy fields. People swim in the flowers. River has ten thousand bays more than the water, the field has no one not yellow flowers.     People come here to see the beautiful sea of flowers from many angles and in many ways. In addition to boat trips, you can climb the mountains and get a golden view. There are many local folklore shows and it is quite interesting. It is said that it is now one of the four largest flowers in the world, along with the lavender garden of Provence, the sea of Dutch tulips and the Kyoto cherry blossoms.
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Ancient Settlement
M40***83Very suitable for single young people. I went to the ancient town of Shagou in the next city by myself. It basically didn't cost much. Although it was less of the hustle and bustle of other tourist attractions, it was an ancient town with a history of more than two thousand years. Unexpected luxury, I love the ancient town of Shagou, and a simple name welcomes me as a simple young man. Here, every step of my life is not controlled by anyone, and I am free with the fresh air.
40 Reviews
吴立珍Wujindang Scenic Area has convenient transportation and superior natural environment. It is a wetland ecological protection zone integrating leisure and entertainment, water tourism, agricultural sightseeing, ecological adjustment, and cultural tourism. There is a resort nearby, which belongs to ecological tourism and water environment. Better.
47 Reviews
Historical Site
chipnchipsFree to visit. It’s not very far from the city museum, about ten minutes. The most important thing is to look at the Haiguang Tower, you can go up, and you will see the plaque of Zhaoyang Academy, except for the scenery on both sides of the river. Cross the bridge and walk to the other side, to the People’s Park, where you can stroll around and take pictures of blurred reflections in the water.
29 Reviews
大龙哥哥Xinghua has a history and culture of more than 2000 years, and the best place to know the history of this small city is the "Xinghua City Museum". The museum is not big, but it is the only national museum in Taizhou. The whole complex is a three-story antique complex, with pink walls, bridges, bamboo forests and corridors connected to each other, looking especially quaint. It is said that Xinghua belonged to Wu in the spring and Autumn period and Chu in the Warring States period, which has been over 2200 years since now. The ancient name is "Zhaoyang" and "Chu Shui". The exhibition hall of "Chu Shuiliuchang" displays the evolution and development of Xinghua for thousands of years, which is a good place to understand the history of Xinghua. At the same time, there are a large number of antiques, including more than 2,000 cultural relics in the museum, including bronze ware, ceramics, gold, silver and jade, Confucian festivals, calligraphy and painting posts, among which 42 national second class cultural relics, 36 third class cultural relics, the number of enough to make visitors dazzle. Of course, the treasures of the Xinghua Museum are the real paintings and calligraphy of Zheng Banqiao and the unearthed Silver Jujubes of the Tang Dynasty, which can be seen in the museum. There is also a 3D scene film simulation in the museum during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which was the most prosperous period of Xinghua, which belonged to Yangzhou Fu. At that time, Xinghua was a famous person, during the period there were more than 200 people, 90 people in the entrance examination, 1 person in the top, for the national rare. Xinghua Museum must not be missed! ! !

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Xinghua MuseumTaizhou,China

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Christ ChurchTaizhou,China

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Xinghua Library (pailoulu)Taizhou,China

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Wujindang Scenic AreaTaizhou,China

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Xinghuashi Zhaoyanghu ParkTaizhou,China

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Daduo Culture CenterTaizhou,China

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Xinghua Travel Tips

About Xinghua

Xinghua is located in central Jiangsu, at the northern end of the Yangtze River Delta region. The city has a number of cultural and historical attractions – the author of the famous Chinese classic 'Water Margin' Shi Nai'an was born here, as was the Qing dynasty painter and writer Zheng Banqiao. Major attractions include Zheng Banqiao's residence, Shi Nai'an's tomb and the old town.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Xinghua
Oct 16, 2021 Xinghua Weather: Light Rain, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 91%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:05/17:27
Xinghua Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Xinghua, including: Lizhong Water Forest Park,Qianduo (Raised Wetland Fields) Scenic Area,Zheng Banqiao Memorial Hall
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