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Things To Do in Xinglong

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少婁攵派From Tianjin to Wulingshan South Gate enter, all the way up the mountain, first enter the Xianren Tower scenic spot, stop and walk tour, the Xianren Tower tower into the clouds for spectacular. Drive up to the Lotus Pond Service Area, after staying at Fuling Hotel, drive to and walk to Longtan Scenic Area, down the riverway to Longtan Falls, although the waterfall is not big but far away to hear the sound of water. The original way back to the hotel, in the Lotus Pond Hotel restaurant after dinner to the top to the Wulongtou scenic spot, the fog, the breeze occasionally blowing mist look over the mountains layers beautiful. Go back to the hotel for a night, turn to the north to visit the Qingliangjie scenic spot, sometimes stop to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and finally go out from the north gate. Wuling Mountain does not go back the whole journey by car, suitable for the elderly and young family travel, do not worry about the elderly and children physical strength, car skills can climb a mountain small, there is a chance to go!
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M27***80The surrounding scenery is beautiful, the surrounding mountains, the red river rafting decompression stimulus, the "Xianyatian Xiaoyuan" also has a different feeling, all is good 👍 It is recommended that everyone experience it. Change the environment and change the mood.
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M27***80Xinglong Mountain Scenic Area has unlimited scenery, especially after the rain, Xinglong Mountain is cloudy and misty. There is a feeling that I want to become a god. It is also a little more leisurely. It is comparable to Zhangjiajie. The scenery eats the "Xianyatian Xiaoyuan" which lives one kilometer in the Xinglong Mountain Central. Also gave us a warm, comfortable, fresh and off - the - earth flavor and reasonable prices, hospitality and food is very good recommended hills and small courtyard.
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M29***61The scenic spot is very big, playing very well, not suitable for children, too tired, 5000 meters walkway, plus 200 meters glass walkway, there are fountain waterfalls, floating bridges, and you can see rainbows. Overall, it is very good. It is best to take cash to enter the scenic spot because there is no network for mobile phones in the mountains. If you have money, you can't spend it.
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Geological Sites
自由飞翔的老鹰Xinglong Karst Cave is located in Taojiatai Village, Beishuiquan Township, Xinglong County, 6 kilometers away from the county seat. Xinglong Karst Cave has an area of more than 5,000 square meters and a tourist development area of 2,700 square meters. It is one of the oldest karst caves in my country. Because the cave's landscape is characterized by the original color, crystal clear, exquisite collection, and rare collections, the secondary cave chemical sedimentation landscape is like flowers and jade, so it is named Yanshan Crystal Palace. We stopped by when we returned to Beijing from Chengde
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Ancient Settlement
D32***06เป็นบ้านเมืองเก่าที่สวยจริงๆ ไม่คิดว่าจะสวยขนาดนี้ ยิ่งตอนกลางคืนแล้วเปิดไฟสวยมากจริงๆ อยากมาอีกครั้งนึง