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Things To Do in Xiuwen

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阿宽_First time to Guiyang for business, encountered a weekend, just go out to go around, there is a hot spring nearby, by the way to experience, really good! The whole spa facility is very professional, the details are very attentive, the service staff is more attentive than in the big city. The interior structure is also reasonable, one step view, the comfort of the hot spring bubble! The view is good, the boats are made nearby, the mountains are really straight up here! In Guiyang North Station rented Maple Leaf rental car, drive an hour to arrive, the whole experience is very good. Come back next time with family!
75 Reviews
行走在路上的风This heart is bright, what words? Wang Yang Ming know and act together, the mind of the thought of the influence of decades of Chinese family and national thought. Lide Liyan, Confucian culture heritage, even affected Southeast Asia countries. Learn to use good Yangming thought culture, to Longchang Wu Daochu!
193 Reviews
M44***76Today, it's so cold outside, entering the hall is hot. The younger sister of the front desk, Choi Shunzhi, did not dislike us for working on the road, but she gave us the card very warm and politely, and finished the formalities. We didn't come to know each other for the first time. Another young man, Song Zhifei sent us to the VIP area with special courtesy, and also gave us the precautions of soaking hot springs. At this time, the heart is very warm, the hot spring environment is particularly good, and the water is especially much. In such a good environment, you must introduce friends and family to experience it next time. Thanks to Guo Shunzhi and Song Zhifei for their kindness!
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Theme Park
brave闲鱼A lot of rides are worth seeing, playing, suitable for a few friends when you have time, strolling, that is, the project experience time is too little, just play hard, time is up, every project just arrived to vomit, it will stop, not bad. Good value for money,
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138***67Stimulus, fun. Suitable for children to play. Just feel that the local tourist attractions in Guizhou, the price for Guizhou people is twice as high as that of people in other provinces, is not to give up local tourist resources?
73 Reviews
M48***39Visit for free in July, as long as you have an ID photo! It is suitable for meditating, it is very comfortable to take a trip! Lush, ancient music and ming, you can go shopping, sit, and spend a long time in comfort! Worth seeing!

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Zhenzhudao Hot SpringGuiyang,China

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Yangming CaveGuiyang,China

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Liuguang Hot Spring in GuizhouGuiyang,China

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Duofangge Taoyuanhe Hot SpringGuiyang,China

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Baihu MountainGuiyang,China

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Taoyuanhe Mohuan DriftingGuiyang,China

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About Xiuwen

Xiuwen County is situated in central Guizhou and is under the administration of Guiyang City. The county is rich in relics, and is also home to scenic spots such as the wonderland of Yangming Cave, the breathtaking scenery of the Liuguang River Canyon, the drifting Taoyuan River, the Karst Highland Forest Golf Resort, the Scottish Meadows, and Pearl Island Resort, as well as the Huishui and Gaojian stone forests that are representative of the Guizhou karst landscape.

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Here are the best places to visit in Xiuwen, including: Liuguang Hot Spring in Guizhou,China Yangming Cultural Park,Taoyuanhe Mohuan Drifting
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