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Outdoor skiing
妍雨In fact, strictly speaking, the information on this attraction is not complete. It was originally named Phoenix Mountain Villa. It is a resort, now called Yunlong Villa. Going south from Yakeshi Railway Station through the overpass, it seems to be passing a section of national highway. About 8 kilometers from the railway station to Phoenix Mountain Villa. Because other attractions are more expensive, I choose a better one with a closer distance. It is also the Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area. The Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area includes the Phoenix Mountain Ski Resort, equestrianism, and a large lake where you can fish. There is a suspension bridge that is thrilling. The locals fenced the reserve far away just to collect tickets. Why do they say that? Because at the gate of the reserve, you have to hand in tickets, 20 per person, but the entrance of the toll gate is still far from the core of the reserve. It is definitely not possible to walk. If we take a taxi, we have to give the taxi driver tickets. Money, he has to come back to pick us up, another ticket money, that is to say, two of us went, a total of four people paid 80. This is very tricky. After entering the scenic spot, I actually feel that this is a very quiet place, because the place is quite large, even if there are many artificial facilities, it also reflects the natural scenery. The ski resort is still far away from this mountain resort, about 5-6 kilometers. There are hotels in the villa, but the prices are not cheap. In the lake, you can play with manpower boats and robot boats. They cost 60 yuan for two people for one hour, and 50 for unlimited people (about 3-4 can be installed) for 15 minutes. There is nothing to see in the zoo, it's nothing more than a separate ticket for the four different things. Take a few photos, the scenery is beautiful, not much fun. The price is not high.
24 Reviews
xuejlInner Mongolia Wuyuan National Forest Park is a national AAA-level scenic spot and a patriotic education base of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is located in Wuheyuan Town, Yakeshi City, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is named because it is the origin of the Wuer River. The total area of the forest park is 52858 hectares, and the forest cover is as high as 83.3%. There are 707 species of higher plants, which are composed of three scenic spots of Narisu, Wudan and Crocodile Island in May 1942.The Japanese imperialist army built a military defense line in Wuyuan to defend the Soviet Red Army.The main plants were 18 fighter hangars, 100,000 square meters of airports, headquarters and more than 20 bunker caves. The location of the park has a long history and culture, is the only existing site of the Middle East Railway construction by Russia, the Japanese army site of the invasion, the northern minority people have created brilliant culture here, in the development of Chinese civilization has an extremely important historical position. The National Forest Park of Wuyuan is the origin of the Ganer River, which is located in the region of the Ganer River.
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m27***39Uerqihan Forest Park is located in the town of Uerqihan. Uerqihan means dawn. As one of the earliest forestry bureaus, the Uerqihan Forestry Bureau has a large population and a large area. Grade virgin forest, beautiful scenery, quiet, clear water quality, very suitable for tourism and vacation. Take a deep breath in the big forest!
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_We***21The shape of Yunlong Mountain is winding like a dragon, and it is named because of the clouds and mist on the mountain. Although Yunlong Mountain is only 142 meters above sea level, it has many cultural relics and historical sites and has always been a scenic spot in northern Jiangsu. Song Su Dongpo used to climb mountains to win the victory when Xu was the prefect, and was drunk on the rocks. He wrote the combined book "The Story of Fanghe Pavilion", which is now in the mountains. From the Northern Wei Dynasty to the Republic of China, there are large stone Buddhas from the Northern Wei era, cliff carvings in the Tang and Song dynasties, Fanghe Pavilion, Zhaohe Pavilion, Yinhequan, and Zhangshan people’s former residences in the Song Dynasty; Shiyan, Shanxi Guild Hall, Ship Hall, Royal Stele Pavilion, Stele Gallery and other historical relics and historic sites. A large number of historical attractions such as Youxuan Xuan, Dongtian Xiaolu, Kuayun Pavilion, Yunlong Academy, Xinghua Village, Observation Deck, and Tongxin Terrace have been restored and newly built.
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cissyCome on mountain climbing! Pay attention to sun protection in mid-September, the temperature is suitable, not hot, climb and take pictures for about an hour, many small squirrels, also pay attention to snakes in the grass, do not walk in the grass, you need to copy your ID card if you buy a ticket, but I have never seen You need to copy my ID, and I need to pay for it...I opened my eyes...Is this northern tourism and service industry a little bit behind the times... I feel a little bit Lag behind
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xuejlBaoan Temple is located on the east side of Lamafeng scenic spot, surrounded by mountainside green trees, covering an area of 189,000 square meters, building area of 5200 square meters, mainly four major halls, mountain gate, Tianwang Hall, Grand Palace, The Tibetan Buddhist scriptures building has the largest Chinese white jade Maitreya Buddha statue presented by Hafei Group. The statue weighs 42 tons and is high 4.5 meters.

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Phoenix Mountain Ski ResortHulunbuir,China

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Urban Planning Exhibition Hall of YakeshiHulunbuir,China

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Hehuan RockHulunbuir,China

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