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Things To Do in Yangshanxian

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提琴G大调Guangdong's first peak tourist attraction, the craters in the scenic area, the elevation of 1902 meters, can be called Guangdong's "Himalayan", ancient primitive forest, mysterious alpine valley, strange karst topography, everywhere warm mineral springs, picturesque Qingliu waterfall, beautiful. However, the scenic road curved steep, rough road surface, more attention.
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精灵背包游侠Visiting the Lianjiang Scenic Corridor in the county seat, walking along the river is very beautiful and pleasant. There is also the Huaxi Dam nearby. The small Guilin near the Lianjiang Ferry in Shuikou Town has beautiful scenery, with ancient villages and green mountains and clear waters. On the third day, we went to Gaofeng Township to visit the pastoral scenery. The characteristics of the scenery are similar to Guangxi.
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D35***43La villa Yao de Liannan, a las afueras de la ciudad de Qingyuan, tiene más de 1000 años de historia. En ella, la mayoría de la población es Yao, una de las 55 minorías étnicas de China.Los Yao suman más de 2 millones y medio de habitantes en todo el país y 400.000 en Vietnam, aunque originariamente proceden de la provincia china de Hunan. Tienen su propia lengua y costumbres y suelen vivir en las zonas montañosas.
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翼儿爱自由The cave-Tianxianjing of Yingde City, Guangdong Province is a karst landform with great value for viewing, which not only has the features of dark rivers and steep ditches, but also integrates mountains, water, caves, pools, waterfalls, natural bridges, tiankeng and oasis. There are caves in the mountains, there is water, the caves are absolutely beautiful, the empty mountains smell water, the waterfalls of the Bitan. There is a stalactite, the form of blessing like Guanyin, like life on the cliff, like for visitors to visit the blessing security, let people have to admire the nature of the magic axe. The cave hall is vast, there is a land (Wanlv Fukushima), with lush shade plants, dense, leaf mother-in-law, in the pristine state, such a small forest in the cave is a rare wonder. Walking from the path, boat out, is the best route.
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汽水盖的天空The osmanthus tree in front of the Beishan Temple gate. It is a very spiritual plant, picked by Han Yu, and now has more than a thousand years, and the tree type is particularly beautiful, the tree with osmanthus is dense, is a magical existence, shocking, surprised.
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睡恣@M丶It is called the Little Three Gorges of China, the National 4A-level scenic spot and the National Water Conservancy Scenic Area-The Three Gorges of Zichuan, is a Lingnan poetry and painting corridor with the risks of "Changjiang Canyon Fun" and the show of "Zhanjiang Mountain and Water Fairyland".

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Fengyun Huwai Pihuating BaseQingyuan,China

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Han Yu Memorial HallQingyuan,China

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Shikengkong Scenic ResortQingyuan,China

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Shilin WaterfallQingyuan,China

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Lingbeizhen Hehua Guanshang BaseQingyuan,China

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Yangshanxian Travel Tips

About Yangshanxian

Yangshan County is situated in the middle of Qingyuan City within Guangdong Province. Yangshan County can boast of a long history stretching back over 2200 years. The area has many cultural and historical sites, as well as beautiful natural scenery to enjoy. Yangshan's tourism resources are made unique by the karst landforms which form the landscape here. The main scenic spots including Guangdong First Peak, Shenbi Mountain, Beishan Ancient Temple, the Lianjiang Scenic Belt, and Nanling National Forest Park.

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Here are the best places to visit in Yangshanxian, including: Shaoguan Guangdong First Peak,shuikouyushuilvyouqu,Beishansi
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