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提琴G大调Guangdong's first peak tourist attraction, the craters in the scenic area, the elevation of 1902 meters, can be called Guangdong's "Himalayan", ancient primitive forest, mysterious alpine valley, strange karst topography, everywhere warm mineral springs, picturesque Qingliu waterfall, beautiful. However, the scenic road curved steep, rough road surface, more attention.
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精灵背包游侠Visiting the Lianjiang Scenic Corridor in the county seat, walking along the river is very beautiful and pleasant. There is also the Huaxi Dam nearby. The small Guilin near the Lianjiang Ferry in Shuikou Town has beautiful scenery, with ancient villages and green mountains and clear waters. On the third day, we went to Gaofeng Township to visit the pastoral scenery. The characteristics of the scenery are similar to Guangxi.
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133***23The scenery is beautiful and pleasant, the air is fresh and negative ions are plentiful, and there is no need to buy tickets for free. Mountaineering, hiking, family and parent-child leisure vacations are all possible. The Guangdong Mountaineering Festival has been held every Chongyang Festival for more than ten years.
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汽水盖的天空The osmanthus tree in front of the Beishan Temple gate. It is a very spiritual plant, picked by Han Yu, and now has more than a thousand years, and the tree type is particularly beautiful, the tree with osmanthus is dense, is a magical existence, shocking, surprised.
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精灵背包游侠Rugged waterway-where there is a mountain, there must be water, and where there is water, there must be people who take water. The same is true on Beacon Mountain, the rugged mountain roads even the young guys have to be careful when walking with their hands empty, not to mention those big ladies carrying several bottles of water! Most people always think that the elderly are too dangerous! But people have long been accustomed to it, and they don’t like it! It’s good to be always happy!
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小飞毛Deep in the mountains, the hot spring water is very dry and quiet, and I feel like I don’t want to go when I live. I can also wake up in the morning: I can go hiking, watch the waterfall, and soak in the hot spring after hiking. , I go to several times a year, and other hot springs are getting bigger

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Shaoguan Guangdong First PeakQingyuan,China

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Dadong MountainQingyuan,China

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Fengyun Huwai Pihuating BaseQingyuan,China

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Yangshanxiao Guilin Sceneic AreaQingyuan,China

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Yangshanxian LibraryQingyuan,China

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Longbao CaveQingyuan,China

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Yangshanxian Travel Tips

About Yangshanxian

Yangshan County is situated in the middle of Qingyuan City within Guangdong Province. Yangshan County can boast of a long history stretching back over 2200 years. The area has many cultural and historical sites, as well as beautiful natural scenery to enjoy. Yangshan's tourism resources are made unique by the karst landforms which form the landscape here. The main scenic spots including Guangdong First Peak, Shenbi Mountain, Beishan Ancient Temple, the Lianjiang Scenic Belt, and Nanling National Forest Park.

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Yangshanxian Weather

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Yangshanxian
Oct 23, 2021 Yangshanxian Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 59%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:31/17:57
Yangshanxian Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Yangshanxian, including: Shaoguan Guangdong First Peak,shuikouyushuilvyouqu,Beishansi
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