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Things To Do in Yangyuan

92 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
qjz286The water is also relatively clean, the entertainment facilities are complete, and there are more pools, there are stimuli, there are also non-stimuli suitable for the elderly, there are a lot of slides, there are also the kind of big speakers, there is an outdoor area.
51 Reviews
M31***86[Scenery] This place is very good, I suggest that everyone can go and play. It's a place for internet celebrities to check in. [Fun] It can be very interesting to get there. Can play for a long time. [Value for money] Very good.
Nearby City
132 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
_We***99Old customers, as always, good environment, quality service, health and well-being. Especially this trip is very grateful to the health hotel Ms. Wang Gali for her warm-hearted service and timely mailed the homework package that fell on the hotel. Continue to visit Shenquan Guyu next time.
23 Reviews
Historical Site
社会颜色20 kilometers southeast of Yangyuan County, there is an ancient village called Kaiyangbao, now an administrative village in Futu Jiaoxiang. According to the "Chinese History Atlas", Kaiyangbao was the Anyang town of Zhao Guodai during the Warring States Period. According to the "Shiji Zhao Shijia", the Lord father of Zhao, the first son of Wuling Wang, was the Anyang Jun of Dai County, the Western Han and Eastern Han Dynasty called Dong'anyang County, the Jisuo is Kaiyang Castle. This is clearly recorded in Yangyuan County, the oldest county town and village, so Kaiyang has the "Kaiyang County village first river" theory.
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3,754 Reviews
Historical Architecture
E35***63Very good experience and it was a very interesting place to visit. It was easy to get to and the shuttle bus made it easier to access
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545 Reviews
emi***82Overall super awesome, the scenery is good, the price is high, fun and fun, admire the master who hit the tree flowers, it is worth seeing, the performers are also very dedicated, praise them, the May Day is full, it is estimated that there should be not so many people on the wrong peak trip!