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29 Reviews
_We***92The singing fountains in the Republic square are beautiful! The space is huge and spacious.
25 Reviews
Historical Site
Churches and Cathedrals
山水人生After driving to the Geghard Monastery, I saw that the parking lot was also full of cars. I finally waited for a car to leave and vacated the parking space, and quickly drove in and parked the car to take a place. The monastery was actually built in the rock, and the rock on its back was also carved with a huge cross. The golden light graced the monastery a lot. Walking into the monastery built on the hillside, you can see that many spaces inside are excavated from the rock, so this monastery also has the nickname of the cave church. The interior of the church is relatively rudimentary and there is nothing special, except that there is a spring water flowing out of the cave in one room, so there are many people waiting in line to receive the spring water. It is said that the cave singing effect in the prayer hall is very good, but unfortunately no one shouted there at the time, so I did not experience the sound of nature. Because I have to rush back to Yerevan today to return the rented car, I still need to hurry up, so I didn't stay here any more, I hurriedly walked through and looked at it, which is considered to be a visit here.
13 Reviews
Memorial Hall
_yt***60Well worth a visit, right in the city center, facing the beautiful Alarat Mountain, next to a park, morning and evening there are many people walking on the paths between the mountains, the air is very fresh, there are many mulberry trees on the road, sweet and delicious!
22 Reviews
Historical Site
_We***87an amazing temple! it is the only one left in the whole Caucasus region! definitely visit when in Armenia!
24 Reviews
_FB***27It’s very interesting . Pictures by famous arists. So I spent 2-3 hours there and there is info in English .
14 Reviews
Historical Site
Churches and Cathedrals
山水人生After breakfast, we checked out and left the hotel with luggage, and started our first day driving in Armenia. Following the offline "exploration map" navigation, I quickly drove out of the city of Yerevan, the capital, and entered a very spacious suburban expressway. There are not many cars in the morning, so driving is relatively smooth. Then the car entered the country road. Although it was a two-way single road, the road conditions were good. On the way, you can see Mount Ararat with snow on the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, although it is sunny today, visibility is not high, and the distant mountains look hazy. After driving about 42 kilometers in less than an hour, we arrived at the first tourist attraction today: Shenjing Church. Many tourists have arrived here, and there are already nearly ten cars in the parking lot. After parking for free in the parking lot, we started to visit the church. Walking up to the courtyard of the church located on the rocky high ground, I saw this church with Mount Ararat as the background. Although it is located in a remote area, it is very sacred. In addition to the geographical advantage, it was also because it was once the place where the first priest who preached in Armenia achieved great achievements. According to the information, in the third century AD, the priest who was regarded as a pagan by the king was in this church and was imprisoned in the deep well for 13 years. Later, the king became seriously ill, but he survived in the deep well with the help of a mysterious woman. When the king learned about it, he let him go, but he healed the king's disease again. Since then, the king has embraced Christianity and made Christianity the state religion. So in 301 AD, Armenia became the first country in the world to regard Christianity as the state religion. This pastor is Gregorius, the first leader and enlightener of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Because of such a great priest, in 642 AD, to commemorate St. Gregorius, people built this monastery on the deep well where he was held, and this church became a sacred place. We first looked at Mount Ararat on the exterior platform of the church. Mount Ararat is divided into two peaks. The higher one is Mount Ararat (also the main peak of Mount Ararat). The measured altitudes are 5,165 meters and 5,137 meters. There is another one to the southeast of the main peak. The lower one is Little Ararat, which measures 3,907 meters and 3,896 meters above sea level. The very interesting reality is that this sacred mountain that Christians believe in is now located in Turkey, which believes in Islam. Not far from the church, you can clearly see the barbed wire fence and separation belt. Then we went to a hut to visit the deep well where the priest was detained, and went down the straight iron ladder to the deep well. In a small space, we felt the hardships of the year, which was deeply for the strength of this religious person. Moved by the will. When we walked into a monastery that was not luxurious, the layout seemed to be the same to us. Some people had started working and business early in the morning, but we did not see any religious people. Finally, I walked to the high rocky platform outside the monastery, where the grass was not covered with dust, and the mountains were endless. The large cemetery near the monastery is particularly eye-catching. The dead must also seek to settle in the land closest to heaven.

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