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Things To Do in Yilan

Nearby City
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M23***75The scenery is very beautiful, and the rafting is very exciting. It is slow and exciting. When the tourists meet together, the fierce shouting is fast and dripping. What you can't feel is that summer is called a refreshing! The cable bridge barbecue is also good, the environment is good, the geographical advantage is that I’m not convinced by standing on the bridge with a bucket in hand, and the cable bridge barbecue restaurant is also good. The owner is good at barbecue and clean and sanitary. The cold water fish, a specialty of Lanhe, is too fragrant. The cable bridge commissary is also good. The owner is also good. The goods are not expensive. You can also buy drifting supplies when you go to play.
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滇国剑客The strange slope of Yilandong Mountain is actually the same as the strange slope of Shenyang, except that the local environment has changed a bit, which gives the visual illusion. However, it is not too bad to see and appreciate the scenery so far. There will be many different scenic spots to be painted.
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滇国剑客Time. For a long time, the incense of Caishen Temple is somewhat lacking. The bright colors at the beginning of the construction have been abdicated and mottled and desolate. However, without the excitement of incense, there are more visitors. In addition, the color is beautiful, and some tourists come. play.
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胖杨杨The exhibition hall is very large, showing the hard work of Lu Houmin's life, which is touching!
Nearby City
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668***02Ciyun Temple is a famous Nizhong College in northern China.
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City Park
滇国剑客This is a park named after its geographical location. The scenery in the scenic area is very beautiful and very good. It attracts travel enthusiasts to come here to find the docking point of the scenery and the focus of beauty.