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Things To Do in Yinan

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M19***28Cuizhu does not allow four times flowers, ordinary life is more glitzy! Green bamboo forest hidden hut, households are on the spring, green stone path through the ancient spring, green bamboo lush! Beautiful time, amazing years, the time of circulation, have become the beautiful embellishment on the way to life, see bamboo, see spring, see me in your eyes, quiet, silent is a good scenery. Zhuquan Village is the most caressing the people of the mortal!
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Hot Springs Resort
M41***49Outdoor hot springs, large and small hot springs, and amusement parks. I was going to take my children to play with the surf pool, but I did not play the pool on the day. The playground is general, there are very few facilities, a little old. Overall, it is still good, you can play for a long time with children. There are also places to swim.
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首席监理The Red Film and Television Base of Yimeng Township Tourist Area in Hongling Hometown, Shandong Province was built in 2008. It is located in Changshanzhuang Village, Mamuchi Township, Yinan County, Shandong Province, covering an area of 2000 mu. It can receive 20,000 tourists, 1200 people, and 5 film and TV dramas simultaneously. It is a collection of red tourism, red education experience, Green health, film and television shooting, catering and entertainment in one of the national 4A level tourist attractions. The main attractions of the Fumeng Red Film and Television Base are ancient mountain village, Jingzhou City, patriotism education base, Helong Lake, Phoenix Pavilion, Fumeng Red Picture Base, and the service center of the film and Television Base. The area is 1.33 million square meters, and it is based on the Fumeng Red Culture in the 1920s and 1930s. Ancient buildings of the landscape.
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M22***47The little elephant can only take two people in a car, you can drive at medium speed to see the scenery on both sides. When you arrive at the entrance of the Grand Canyon, you can rest a little. It is still better to enter the Grand Canyon on hot days. It is cool and even a bit cold. You must bring a coat to the children and the old people.        We walked very slowly because of the children, the scenery in the cave is beautiful, the magic of nature makes the scenery in the valley full of mystery. The most worthwhile is the dark river rafting, the water in the canyon is very clear, many tourists come to experience the dark river rafting. Drifting is 60 yuan a person, children can half price, the whole journey has 1000 meters. The whole rafting process is up and down, thrilling, can be the deep and intangible reflection of the deep inside the cave. Must bring a suit, or a disposable raincoat, because the rafting is over, basically will be wet.           Life is full of scenery, hope that the next day, can take you two sisters out to see more.
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_We***90The firefly water cave has a star ⭐️ like a little elf, very amazing! The ticket includes butterfly valley, which has white butterflies and colorful butterflies full of valleys. It is very beautiful and has a feeling of a valley. This time and the object went, the butterfly was surrounded by him, and I was not willing to leave the valley. I thought that he was a bee-inducing butterfly in his last life ~ This life let me receive his heart ~
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海东青族A great visit to the May Day with family! The natural karst cave is not cold or hot, the facilities are also very complete, the guide beauty is very detailed, but also reminds everyone to pay attention to the slippery road, each section of the road is very characteristic, especially the flash is a bit shady feel haha, the most enjoyable is rafting, although a little expensive advice or experience a, Someone in the rafting process will take a photo for you, 15 yuan can choose for yourself. In addition, it is not reasonable to charge 10 yuan for the parking lot. After all, there is not limited space in the city. If it is not charged, it is recommended to give a small souvenir to the scenic spot!