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Things To Do in Yiyang

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610 Reviews
Geological Sites
良民老KI don't know because the propaganda is not strong enough, such a great scenery is not known, the various turtle-shaped stones all over the mountains, the shape of strange and endless imagination, climbing is not too tired, is Jinzhong Peak and camel Peak steep, with the same Danxia landform of the dragon tiger mountain, Wuyishan is more characteristic than the weather, and it is really worth the trip.
24 Reviews
Historical Site
Historical Architecture
M28***59On April 5, 2020, the antique buildings of Dieshan Academy were basically completed. Take advantage of the spring to go out, the blue bricks and black tiles, blooming flowers. Thinking back to Jiangyou Academy’s ambition to serve the country thousands of years ago, feeling the interweaving of simplicity and modernity, only the ancient Xinjiang River still flows, seeming to tell countless past events.
12 Reviews
Geological Sites
fan66655The Yiyang Reclining Buddha Scenic Area is also called the Longmen Lake Scenic Area. There is a world's largest reclining Buddha with a length of 416 meters and a height of 68 meters. The scenery in the scenic area is general except for the Reclining Buddha. The ordinary Danxia landform is much worse than the Guifeng nearby. Far away, some of the mountaineering attractions have been closed due to the disrepair of the railings. There is currently no farmhouse or canteen in the park. From the gate to the promenade, turn left and make a circle around Longmen Lake, and go directly to Ruyi Pavilion and Reclining Buddha. It takes about three hours to complete a full circle. It is enough to only go to see the reclining Buddha for one hour. The parking lot in the scenic spot charges ten yuan, and there is no charge for parking outside the gate.
3 Reviews
Historical Site
M40***21Nanyan Temple is a place where people pit people. The so-called millennium ancient temple is a broken cave. It cost 60 yuan for a ticket. I came out to ask the ticket-buying staff, that is to say, look at the broken hole. There is no explanation at all. I persuade you all. Don't come, it's also a big pit!
4 Reviews
Botanical Garden
我爱追梦的人The scenery is beautiful and worth a visit, romantic cherry blossoms and a romantic encounter are even more perfect!
2 Reviews
Water Park
本迪戈旺达I went with my son and nephew. It was not bad, at least it is currently the largest and best children's water park in Yiyang County! The scenery is good, it is recommended, interesting and fun, and the experience is very good,

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Shanquan Water Amusement ParkShangrao,China

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Awoli Children Amusement ParkShangrao,China

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Tiyu ParkShangrao,China

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Jingqituozhan BaseShangrao,China

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Yiyang MuseumShangrao,China

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Dieshan AcademyShangrao,China

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Oct 21, 2021 Yiyang Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 95%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:14/17:36
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