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Things To Do in Yonago

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Historical Site
coo***an[Scenery] I want to know whether this Yonago castle ruins building was lost due to war or fire. [Fun] Actually, I heard that it was sold to individuals in the Meiji era. Even from the disappearance of the building, the view from here is still great. Worth a walk
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Art Museum
诗道芬-因-布赖施高周处The Anlai Adachi Museum of Art is really one of the best spots I feel when I go to Japan this time! So I can't help but come to review it again. First of all, this private art museum is very friendly to foreigners and is half price. In addition, because of his location, he is no longer in the city center, so they have a very convenient shuttle service at Anlai City Station and Yonago Station. This museum is so beautiful, it can be described by changing the scenery. He also has a lot of glass frames here. In fact, its design is that you can see a complete set of natural beauty in the frame through the glass frame. And with the changes of the four seasons, it presents a different beauty, which is really great.
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国安是冠军No1There is a bus from Songjiang Station, which takes about 25 minutes. The first picture is the station where you got off the train. Walk for about 5-10 minutes to Yuzhien. Discount for foreigners. The garden is not big, but very delicate. When leaving, there is a bus to Songjiang City at the gate. Therefore, it is recommended to take a bus from Songjiang Station to Yuzhi Garden in the morning, and take a bus at the gate to Songjiang City after the tour.
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fyqj1234It is a very famous mountain in Japan’s sacred mountain belief. Compared with Mount Fuji and Kumano, Dashan is almost completely unfamiliar in China. However, if you mention the famous Dashan milk, it is estimated that some people have heard of it. If you haven’t drunk this, it’s strong. It is recommended to drink once, this is the perfect milk. If you travel in the mountains, the main thing is the Dashan Temple and Dashenshan Shrine in the middle of the mountain, two cultural attractions, and the legendary Dashan Ranch. If you want to see the whole view of the mountain, you can only take a normal photo by finding several viewing platforms one by one on the driveway up the mountain. But generally few people will park. Personally suggest to reserve more time for the visit, because there are mountain roads, it is not easy to climb up, pay attention to wear non-slip shoes.
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137***66[Scenery] It connects Sakaiminato City in Tottori Prefecture and Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture. PC5 spans a continuous hinged ramen box girder bridge. Since it is famous for its mini-car ads, I want to go there and try to drive a rental car. When I get to Songjiang, I also recommend using engine braking. [Fun] On the Songjiang side, there is a convenience store with a large parking lot (a family market/a bridge that also sells bridges and souvenirs), so it is fun to look at the bridge while buying souvenirs.
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Featured Neighborhood
_CF***65There is only Mizuki Shigeru Avenue to stroll around in Sakaiminato. It is very quiet and the ground is clean. The people here are very hospitable. There are monster statues everywhere here, one every 20 to 30 meters. There are many grocery stores here. Whether it is food or accessories, it is a street with local characteristics.