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Things To Do in Yongdeng

32 Reviews
若雪_RocialIt is really very good, especially the yellow soup pool inside began to think that there is a staff behind the yellow mud water to explain some hot spring knowledge, just know that it is really a real hot spring, the experience is very good, give the hot springs to the staff praise
36 Reviews
Hunter大芥末Taking my mother, wife and son to go is much better than expected~ I go on weekdays and there are not many people. There are indoor and outdoor amusement activities. Children have special amusement facilities. Adults can play a little more exciting. Yes, my mother played a few projects with us, and it was very cool. After the play, I went to the hot spring in Bubble Valley. If the overall play was very fulfilling, there would be no food inside, a bowl of noodles 18, and a bath towel 68.
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M27***04The scenery is very beautiful and the time is a bit tight. I drove from Lanzhou in the morning. It was 11 o'clock wherever I went. (60-year-olds free of charge, 30 yuan tour fare). Take a tour bus for about 19 kilometers. At 14:00, the car went down the mountain and stopped at three scenic spots all the way. It was a bit tight. I returned to Lanzhou at 15:00, more than 300 kilometers back and forth, and took the national road.
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M32***38It feels good to take friends to play. Friends are very happy to play. Bumper cars, target shooting, karting, and net red bridges are especially fun, and the amusement facilities are even better with a little bit of fun. I wish the country the better
97 Reviews
金叶叶的修仙之路Definitely worth a photo of the holy place [view] here is especially beautiful, originally is the big western, often blue sky and white clouds, plus these foreign characteristic buildings, really super film. [Interesting] There are many famous foreign attractions, people are not particularly large, so taking pictures is excellent. There is an airport nearby, and big planes appear from time to time. [Cost-effective] Ticket 50, I feel it is worth it. How much is it to rent clothes outside? At least you don't have to rent clothes here, just wear your own.
39 Reviews
磨沟沿This is the second time I have been here. It is very inconvenient to park on a narrow street in Liancheng. Tickets are not expensive, but the management is not very formal. After the ticket seller sells the tickets, they press a remote control to open the sliding door. Many people who didn't buy tickets also took the opportunity to get in. The Tusi Yamen occupies a relatively large area, and there are many ancient buildings in it. Have a full understanding of the Tusi system and the life and office of the Tusi in the Ming Dynasty. The scenic spot price is good, but the service attitude of the staff here is too bad. He even said that in order to prevent the epidemic, no cash is accepted. If you think cash is dirty, you can wear a plastic bag or something. No RMB cash is accepted, but it is against national laws. And in other places, 60-year-olds are free of charge, and there is more money here.

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Kushui TownLanzhou,China

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Zhongchuanjichang Center Ecological ParkLanzhou,China

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Lanzhou Xinqu 2 Hao Hu Tiyu ParkLanzhou,China

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Yueguokaixin FarmLanzhou,China

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Tulugou National Forest ParkLanzhou,China

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Hongchenggan'en TempleLanzhou,China

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About Yongdeng

Yongdeng County is located in the central part of Gansu Province, northwest of Lanzhou. It was established during the Western Han Dynasty (during the third year of the Yuanshou era) and has more than 2000 years of history. It is home to the Tulugou National Forest Park, which is located in Liancheng National Nature Reserve. Here there are more than 30 sights, including stone cliffs, immense forests, and deep valleys. There are numerous rare animals in the park, which could be described as a natural biological garden.

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Here are the best places to visit in Yongdeng, including: West China Dinosaur Water Park Indoor Spa,Dunhu Hot Spring,Tulugou National Forest Park
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