Yufutsu District
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Things To Do in Yufutsu District

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Outdoor skiing
E32***73Apart from the train ride to Tomamu which was confusing. THINK i got down at Shintoku, thats one station after Tomamu station. Suggest travellers getting there by train figure that out. The hotel was grand, room was clean. Check out Unkai terrace very early morning, they’ve got onsen, fireworks during summer.
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乐吃购This is the work of Tadao Ando, a master architect in Japan, or is he always in the style of using exposed concrete materials in large quantities, with simple geometry, smooth and clean walls, and no decoration, but the interior space is rich in variations. It has an unexpected effect, and the cross design of that light reminds one of his other works of the Church of Light. In short, I like the work of Tadao Ando's not to be missed.
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Cable Car
Observation Deck
eastplay[Price ratio] Stay at Hoshino Resorts, including 2 cable car tickets to the sea of clouds. I just took the cable car to see the snow scene and had a close encounter with the snow. 【view】 This cable car line is quite long, you can watch the snow while admiring the skiing posture of the masters. 【taste】 There are indeed many ski enthusiasts who bring their equipment to the snow-capped mountains and then go down all the way. The cable car design is very user-friendly, and there is a place for skateboarding.
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City | ​​landmark
M34***68Furano Ski Resort is located in Furano City, Hokkaido, just 80 minutes from Asahikawa Airport. It has abundant powder and snow resources and can be the venue for the ski World Cup.
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M1105323459The horses here are very well-known throughout Hokkaido. If you like friends, you can go around. There are still things worth watching, which are free to the public.
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Amusement Park
彼岸之澄The Doraemon Surprise Skypark at Hokkaido’s New Chitose Airport is a place where almost every Doraemon fan must check in. [Recommendation reason] 🐶Doraemon's happy world, amusement park with three themes, amusement park, peripheral product sales shop and theme restaurant. Let the airport wait for more fun and satisfy the "girly heart" of all babies. 【Transportation】🚗Take the airport bus to New Chitose Airport. After arriving at the airport, you can check your luggage first, and then come to the safe Doraemon Surprise Skyland. [Travel tips] Doraemon props that can be seen everywhere can be used to take photos and group photos. Those who like to take photos will definitely feel that the mouse has fallen into the rice tank. 🍝The theme restaurant attached to Doraemon Paradise must be tried. You can definitely find the place of childhood fantasy. Here is the memory toast in Doraemon. I don’t know if I will silently read it instantly after eating it? There is also Doraemon's favorite Dorayaki. The q pattern on Doraemon is also the cute logo of Doraemon. Coffee also has cute Doraemon powdered powder, and overall it is cute and wooden in capitals. [Shopping tips] 💰If you like Doraemon, you can buy and buy with confidence here. Don't worry about the airport price being higher than other places. I bought a limited number of Doraemon socks here, which are very cute.