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Things To Do in Yugan

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小飞哥旅行记Poyang Lake Wetland is not bad ~ Ha ~ is also China's largest freshwater lake ~ Bird rich ~ Very suitable for a holiday to see and walk ~ At present, there are many cherished birds on the island ~ Wall crack recommendation ~😊😊😊
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
kha***ntVery Beautiful Mountain Range, Different from the other usual mountains, I would recommend to all. The boat ride is also enjoyable along the river.
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Historical Architecture
E20***68The story behind the pavilion is simply amazing. In addition, you should watch the video on how the pavilion was built! Jeez it’s extraordinary! The ancient clothes and cultural artifacts being preserved in this place are simply beautiful
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Cultural Experiencial Area
DIANAZIt is good to visit it in jingdezheng. To get a better understanding of jingdezheng
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Yuna akiDefinitely had a lot of fun here, there were a lot sea animals and tropical animals to see and we even caught a mermaid show in the big aquarium, it was definitely magical.worth the time and money
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susu123123Going to May 1st, there are more people, added a scene, set to the first row of seats, the performance is divided into step-change scene land walking performance and water performance, the seat refers to the water performance, sitting in the first row of the audience boat, it is quite shocking, but the land step-change scene performance is slightly confused, the guidance is not clear, The moment when the opening of the venue gate is crowded, the stampede is easy to occur.