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Geological Sites
CharlyRecently, because of the new car, I always want to find the surrounding attractions. Last year, I heard about Jingbian Wave Valley by chance. I checked the pictures online with my wife on Friday. I felt very beautiful. I left early Saturday morning directly. Wave Valley is located in Jingbian County, Gansu Province, 310 kilometers from Yinchuan City, it takes about 3 and a half hours to drive, the scenic spot ticket costs 100 yuan, and the glass path costs 50 yuan. The scenic spot belongs to the new attraction, it should be just completed in the first period. It is still very worth looking forward to the future of the planning of the scenic spot. It takes 11000 steps to complete the transfer of the scenic spot! ! ! I measured it, it is not recommended to take the elderly and younger children to play. Because it takes frequent going up and down the mountain to see the beautiful scenery. It takes 4 hours to tour. (Special reminder here, there are local villagers at the entrance of the scenic spot to take tourists to see the Danxia landform nearby, saying that you can step directly on the Danxia to take pictures, I hope everyone will boycott and protect the beautiful scenery together). It is recommended that everyone stay directly at the nearby hotel after playing, because it is too tired 😭 Wave valley is the most beautiful Danxia landform I have seen so far, in the sunshine under the red, the whole tour gives the feeling can only be expressed with surprise, nothing said, to everyone on the picture.
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M48***75We drove 700 kilometers from Xi'an to the red alkaline porridge. It is August. The weather is suitable. After three resting areas, it was 4 pm when we arrived early in the morning. The scenic tickets are very interesting and not expensive, but to get to the place where there are entertainment items on the opposite side of the lake, buy a boat. Tickets, overall not expensive, the scenery is really very good, especially the sunset lake is really quiet and pleasant, very suitable for relaxing, the only beauty is that the surrounding facilities are slightly thin, eating almost the same farmhouse restaurant, and eating fish is too expensive, indicating that I can't afford to eat ...
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游侠半仙Hongshi Gorge, because the mountains are all red stone, and because the mountains are magnificent, the two gorges towering also known as "Xiongshi Gorge." Hongshi Gorge, located in the historical and cultural city of Yulin about 3 km north of the Red Mountain. According to the Mingbei records, the original "Song Yuan Temple." Hongshixia is famous for its celestial beauty, but also for its dazzling cliff stone carvings. The stone carvings are true, grass, official and complete, and are known as "forests of monuments".
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Historical Site
E30***23check it out when you visit Yulin... its a beauty. words alone cannot express it all.
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沿着国道去旅行Shaanxi Jiaxian Baiyun Temple (Baiyunguan): Ming and Qing Dynasty buildings, the State Council issued the 5th national key cultural relics protection units, Taoist four famous mountains, located on the Yellow River south of the west bank of the Baiyun Mountain, Jiaxian County, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Ren Yushi and other two times in 1947 Baiyun Mountain, The stage is also engraved with stone tablets to elaborate on the matter. Tickets 60 yuan, the car can drive up the mountain, parking 10 yuan. You can also overlook the spectacular scenery of the Yellow River. Figure 4 Mao chairman and local people to watch the theater here. If you want to place an order with Trip.com, you must go in advance. You can order at the gate and the ticket office without confirmation. The ticket agent said that let me refund the order.
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Historical Architecture
13611302253As one of the four famous forts in northern Shaanxi, Gaojiabao ancient city has been a major commercial and trade town since ancient times, and is known as the "Han Wharf" on the West Port. Once these merchants from south to north came here to sell silk, fur, saline and alkali, tea and other things with donkeys. The ancient town is now inhabited by few people, and the main streets are the scenes of shops and two TV shows, “The Common World” and “The Dragon Ridge Caves of the Ghost Blowing Lights.”

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Baiyun MountainYulin,China

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Tomb of Fusu-Tomb of MengtianYulin,China

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Jiangshi ManorYulin,China

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Longzhou Danxia LandformYulin,China

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Xinming HouseYulin,China

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Longyan MountainYulin,China

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Yulin Travel Tips

About Yulin

Yulin situated in the far north of Shaanxi province, China on the edge of the Loess Plateau and Mu Us Desert. The area contains a large number of historical sites, including an ancient city wall and temples. There are also several Neolithic remains from the Yangshao and Longshan eras. Yulin is home to Lake Hongjiannao, China's largest desert freshwater lake. The city has many examples of Ming and Qing dynasty architecture, including government offices, temples, mansions and shops.

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Oct 27, 2021 Yulin Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 29%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:01/17:48
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Here are the best places to visit in Yulin, including: Hongjiannao Wetland,Baiyun Mountain,The Wave Valley
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