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Things To Do in Yutian

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
139***13The Qing Dongling is located 30 kilometers northwest of Zunhua City, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, 125 kilometers west of Beijing City, covering 80 square kilometers. It is the largest, complete and well-laid imperial mausoleum in China. The Qing Dongling Mausoleum began to be built in 1661 (Shunzhi 18), and it lasted 247 years, and 217 palace arches were built one after another, and it was composed of 15 cemeteries. The mausoleum area is 12.5 km long and 20 km wide, and there are 161 people buried by 5 emperors, 15 empresses, 136 puppets, 3 elder brothers and 2 princesses. There are too many stories about the Qing Dongling.
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National Park
M22***22Limutai natural scenic spot is located in the northernmost part of Tianjin, known as "Tianjin Arctic". This is the quartz rock peak forest canyon topography, natural formation of rock painting ridge, Tianjin seam, Wuzhishan, Wanjuan Tianshu and other geological landscape.
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139***13Youpan Mountain, along the mountain road by the Xiangxia, all the way up, in the east of the Tiancheng Temple Gate of the stone bench, there is a lying cloud building. lying cloud building two floors six, painting, high ridges, built a spectacular. Every day rainy, the common white clouds in the valley, or hidden building, or through the building, will lie in the cloud hidden in the mist, very interesting, like a fairyland, the name of the building is also the same. In the opposite of the hill, there is a small stage site. It is the place where Emperor Qianlong took a rest and visited the palace.
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_We***94The transportation is very convenient. It’s a good place to come here for sightseeing. Picking is a good place for family trips on weekends. Come pick it, breathe fresh air and eat healthy farm meals.
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望京小筑Dule Temple, commonly known as the Great Buddha Temple, is located in the west street of Jizhou City, Tianjin. It is said that Anzhan Mountain rebelled against the Tang Dynasty, and here he vowed to be emperor because he wanted to be, "thinking the only joy and not with the people" and got the name of the temple. Built in the ten years of the Tang Dynasty, the ancient temple was rebuilt in the Liao Dynasty and the year of the Liao Dynasty (984 AD), one of the three remaining temples in China, and was first designated as a national important cultural relics protection unit by the State Council in 1961. It is also one of the ten scenic spots of the Tsumon gate. The temple is now listed in the world historical cultural heritage list. The county town of Shexian is not big. Get off from the long-distance station and walk to Wudinghou Street. Maybe because the iron gate outside the dule temple is closed, you can't experience the shock of the mountain gate from the road. If you enter the temple from the side gate, the momentum of the mountain gate will make you feel different. The mountain gate is about 10 meters high. The book "Dule Temple" inscribed in the middle of the zen-e-numbered zen-e-numbered zen-e-numbered zen-e-numbered zen-e-numbered zen-e-numbered zen-e-numbered zen-e-numbered zen-e-numbered zen-e-n-gun-enabled zen-e-n-gun-enabled zen-e-n-gun-enabled
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喵喵BTfishThe overall service in the scenic area can be praised from the ticket window to the service personnel contacted in the scenic area 👍! Break the conventional concept of the lack of service in the suburban attractions. Green water in the scenic area, European-style buildings and large green lawns as if into Europe. The first banquet hall Chinese food can be lapable, especially recommend the steamed Wuchang fish of Jinhai Lake, fresh and fat. Good-bye in the autumn!