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Things To Do in Zaozhuang

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Ancient Settlement
M25***94When I first entered the ancient city, I felt like Lijiang. The small bridge is flowing water. The typical Jiangnan water town scenery. I stayed for two nights, I felt that I was more than Lijiang, I still didn't finish it, if I had the opportunity, I must live for a few more days. The beauty of the ancient city is beautiful, one step a view, night scene is especially good, there are many museums are very worth a visit; the other is the swaying boat style, gently swaying on the water, while watching the scenery while listening to the boat girl soft and beautiful song, is very enjoyable; Third, the show performance is rich and varied, the quality is very good, it is memorable; fourth, the ancient city is very comfortable to eat and live, really let people feel happy.
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博士小美女Weishan Lake Wetland Honghe Scenic Area is located in Zhangzhou City, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, with a total area of 90 square kilometers and a lake area of 60 square kilometers. There are 55 kilometers of lake shoreline, 13 million mu of wild Honghe, 30 square kilometers of reed, rare water forest and abundant species resources in China. Weishan Lake Wetland Honghe Scenic Area is the largest area in East China, the most primitive preservation state, the best wetland landscape and the largest lotus flower ornamental area in China, known as "China Lotus City".
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zixunshi99The mountains are not really high, but he is quite unique, it is a small area of our country, some mixed woods, there are lakes, so this area is very good, you have to go around and feel good.
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300***84The scenic area is located next to the Zaozhuang Railway Guerrilla Memorial Hall. You can visit together. Now there are not many tourists. The area of the scenic area is not big. The inside is basically imitation of the Republic of China. Friends who are interested can see it.
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Hot Springs Resort
cat***lyThe service was first-rate. I searched for it twice and found the ID card. I was moved to tears when I was on frequent business trips. Thank you for the girl on duty on the afternoon of 5.6, thank you! I'm here for the wedding, the room is big
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_We***68Very good, the scenery is much better than when I went before, there are more people, the overall feeling is OK, the mountain is not particularly high, the climb up feels just good, the Great Rift Valley is very good, other attractions are general, the slide down the mountain is good, very exciting, overall very satisfied!