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Things To Do in Zhalantun

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City Park
心的工程师Suspension Bridge Park is one of the business cards of Zhalantun City, the 100-year suspension bridge, the forest oxygen bar, there is history, there is scenery, humanistic, there is entertainment, when you go deeper into the park, the more a return to the feeling of nature, worth a visit.
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貂蝉的春天From the Moon Town to the Moon Tianchi, the drive is about 45 minutes to 1 hour. You can visit the way from the Al Mountain to the Chai River. We did not go on the first day to catch a good light, and the next morning from the Chai River, took a beautiful road view at noon. Tickets at the entrance price of 100 yuan, do not participate in the semi-priced activities in the autonomous region. Self-driving access in off-season, sand road to the parking lot, walk 30 minutes to the top of the mountain.
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清风朗月不用一钱买This is the hometown of the legendary red-crowned crane, which is a famous song, where a girl died for the red-crowned crane. It can’t be said to be beautiful. It’s still very beautiful when you come to watch the cranes. You can see the crane dance from a distance, and you can touch it when you are close to it, especially the crane performance. Hundreds of cranes pass by you, it’s beautiful.
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Outdoor skiing
七德龙冬强The temperature is suitable, the snow period is long, the infrastructure is complete, and the service is very good. It is an ideal place for weekend skiing leisure trips. You can also go through snowy forests and mountain crossings. Ski crossing, taste sports passion, warm courtyard, feel leisure and freedom! enjoy! !
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Lavender and SunChaihe River, one of the larger tributaries of the Nenjiang tributary of the Songhua River in Heilongjiang water system, the Nenjiang tributary of the Nenjiang tributary of the Chuoer River, originated from the northern foot of Kilguo Mountain (1696 meters above sea level) and the eastern foot of Mushroom Mountain (1727 altitude above sea level) in the west of Chaihe Town, Zalantun City, Inner Mongolia M), the river is 84.5 kilometers long, with a drainage area of 763 square kilometers, with an average drop of 6.68‰ in the river course, which flows into the Chuoer River 3 kilometers northwest of Chaihe Town
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自在随心6688The museum building of Middle East Railway Museum, formerly the site of the Czarist Forest Police Brigade, was built in 1909, and the whole building is a simple and natural feature. It is one of the most distinctive museums in Hulunbuir City and the only special museum in the country with the Middle East Railway as the background.

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Chaihe River of HulunbeirHulunbuir,China

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Chinese Eastern Railway MuseumHulunbuir,China

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Luming Villa HotelHulunbuir,China

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Zhalantunjinlongshan Ski FieldHulunbuir,China

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Landscape Rock PaintingsHulunbuir,China

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BeiEr MinZu YiShuGuanHulunbuir,China

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Zhalantun Travel Tips

About Zhalantun

Zalantun is located in the eastern foothills of the Greater Khingan on the southern edge of Hulunbuir City in the east of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. This is a major political, economic, cultural, medical, and transportation center in the region of Inner Mongolia to the east of the mountains, as well as an important city through which Russian and Mongolian products come into China. Zalantun has both the unique cultural flavor of the northern ethnic minorities and also indescribable natural beauty, with clusters of mountains jutting toward the sky and many rivers and streams. When you come here, be sure to see Diaoqiao (“Suspension Bridge”) Park, a symbol of Zalantun. The Chaihe (“Firewood River”) Scenic Area is a great destination for adventurers to explore, with its primitive forests, Moon Lake, and Water Curtain Cave.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Zhalantun
Oct 18, 2021 Zhalantun Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 46%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:12/16:56
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Here are the best places to visit in Zhalantun, including: Diaoqiao Park,Chaihe Forest Park,Chaihezhen
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