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Things To Do in Zhashui

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_We***37The scenery is great, the natural oxygen bar of the nature is not worthy of fame, bring the old children, the mountain is not high, suitable for the old children to climb, very good, there will be a chance to go again. The mountain is Zhongnan Shanzhai, are some small restaurants, and the nature of the village of Guojia, but no Guojia village, small, but also eat almost all, the mountain eat a little, just on the back of the cattle, just good.
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Geological Sites
M12***70Particularly worth visiting, the water cave is very spectacular, the inside is colorful, various stalactites are thousands of appearances, and it is a wonder. The inside is very cool and a good place to escape the heat. Overall satisfaction!
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I故园无此声IThe Zhongnan Village is near Niubeiliang, with beautiful scenery and a few degrees lower than Xi’an. It is very cool in summer, the air is very good, there are snacks, streams and rivers, and there are areas for adults and children to enjoy leisurely. There are also homestays where you can live, which is a very good place to travel around.
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Ancient Settlement
扶疏子Fenghuang Town is located in the southeast of Zhashui County, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province, on the southern slope of the Qinling Mountains. Fenghuang Town is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The Shechuan River, Zao River, and Dizigou River meet here to form a delta. Fengzhen Street, where the town government is located, is 45 kilometers away from Zhashui County.
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M30***05Tickets for the Zhashui Cave are 102 yuan per person. You can go to two attractions, a cave and a glass path. If each attraction does not walk, the round-trip fare for each person is about 100 yuan, free consumption, up to 5 hours after the tour, enter the scenic spot Yes, elevators, space-time tunnels, glass flow ladders
52 Reviews
53Hertz 🇨🇳Natural karst caves formed by nature for hundreds of millions of years, stalactites in various forms, wonderful work, a day trip to Zhashui karst cave, there are many steps, it is recommended to give up in advance if the knee is not good. not bad! It covers an area of about 17 square kilometers and is 79 kilometers away from Xi'an. The natural environment here is beautiful and elegant, with many and concentrated attractions, 115 caves have been discovered