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Things To Do in Zhenan

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M27***22Mainly to take the dog out for a trip, go back and forth for 4 hours, it can also be normal to play that day when it rains, it is very good. After coming down 🐶🐶 tired half dead 😃
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Geological Sites
M12***70Particularly worth visiting, the water cave is very spectacular, the inside is colorful, various stalactites are thousands of appearances, and it is a wonder. The inside is very cool and a good place to escape the heat. Overall satisfaction!
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朵朵白云🌷Muwang Mountain Scenic Area is mainly composed of Linhai Azalea and Qifeng Stone. It is divided into Sihaiping, Shuangtou Ma, Cigou and three major scenic spots and Yingzui Peak Special Reserve. 🌷 Sightseeing car 🚗 There are mainly two parking areas, Linhai Azalea and Sihai Ping direction, we went to the direction of Azalea Flower Sea, and then took a sightseeing car to Sihai Ping. Take a sightseeing car in each direction for about 20-25 minutes. 🌷 The azaleas in May have failed in the seventies and eights, and the occasional azaleas are surrounded by visitors like a baby to take pictures. The local staff told us that if you want to see the beautiful scenery of the azaleas in full bloom, you must hurry before and after the annual Qingming Festival. 🌷 Sihaiping Scenic Area is built on the sidewalk beside the river. Many places can go down to the river. The large slate is a good place for children to play. There is no turning back to the scenic spot. It takes about an hour to walk. I have to go through the scenic spot and walk to a meadow of a children's paradise. I saw the door of the four seas and arrived at the parking area.
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扶疏子Laojun Mountain is located in the sun of Mount Hua, in Xunjian Town, Luonan County, Shaanxi Province, with an altitude of 1,700 meters. It is a famous Taoist mountain in my country. Xunjian Town, Luonan County, Shaanxi Province is located at the junction of Luonan County and Tongguan County, belonging to Luonan County. Laojun Mountain is located in the hinterland of the East Qinling Mountains and is adjacent to the famous Huashan Mountain. Laojun Mountain also has a viewing platform. When the weather is good, you can overlook Huashan Mountain, which is also a major feature of Laojun Mountain.
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_We***37The scenery is great, the natural oxygen bar of the nature is not worthy of fame, bring the old children, the mountain is not high, suitable for the old children to climb, very good, there will be a chance to go again. The mountain is Zhongnan Shanzhai, are some small restaurants, and the nature of the village of Guojia, but no Guojia village, small, but also eat almost all, the mountain eat a little, just on the back of the cattle, just good.
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滇国剑客The Yungai Temple, which was built in the Tang Dynasty, has been rebuilt and expanded the radiation range around it. Although it is out of the original "model", the geographical advantages of the temple have become a major town.