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Things To Do in Zhengding

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老玩童Longxing Temple, also known as Dafo Temple, is located in Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, Dongmen Li Street. The temple covers an area of 82,500 square meters, and more than ten large and small temples, which are distributed on the north and south axis and on both sides, with high and low fall, and distinct main and secondary, which is an important example of studying the architectural layout of Buddhist temples in Song Dynasty. Longxing Temple is approved as China AAAA class tourist attraction, the first major cultural relics protection units in the country, one of the ten famous temples in China. Tickets are 50 yuan
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Historical Architecture
睡恣@M丶Rongguofu in the flower, romantic cherry blossoms, white as the cherry blossoms, lilacs quiet and heart-warming ... with the spring romantic, to a spring date.
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Historical Architecture
黄海大智若愚The eikokufu is a feudal government office built by the "Kinmon tamado Jinsenfu, Katsura dono orchid house" described in "red tower dream", and the area is 22000 square meters, the building area is 4,700 square meters, and the room is 212, and the corridor is 102. The whole residence was divided into three roads, namely, Chushin Sihe in temple, East and West.
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老外6The Forest River Funa Theme Park has an open terrain, beautiful environment, convenient transportation and obvious rural forest characteristics. It adds a unique scenery to the surrounding environment of the park. The park is close to the ancient Hutuo River, the 10,000 mu of forest planned and constructed by the government, and a large wetland park. Surrounded by the water, the park is full of flowers, colorful and full of flowers. Wandering in the meantime, added a piece of tranquility and tranquility.
Nearby City
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Water Park
M43***56Interesting fun, good scenery, high cost performance, overall great, and friends go to the facilities are quite complete, the place is a bit far away, ask for children's water village games adults also want to play.
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Historical Site
D39***98really beautiful ancient town. Some amazing sites 100% recommend staying till dark and seeing the town lit up. very pretty.