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把剑长歌Longxing Temple ticket 50, can buy scenic spot joint ticket, including six big country. Longxing Temple belongs to the first batch of national insurance, it is undoubtedly the C-lead. The six most temples of Longxing are: Zhao Xujian the highest Buddha, the runner Tibetan, copper Pilu Buddha, Guanyin, Mani Hall and the descendants of the monument, do not miss. Longxing temple is relatively large, the red walls outside the east gate are extended to a kilometer long, can be seen in its scale. Longxing Temple is close to the east gate of Zhengding Ancient City, and it is easy to park nearby.
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Historical Architecture
黄海大智若愚The eikokufu is a feudal government office built by the "Kinmon tamado Jinsenfu, Katsura dono orchid house" described in "red tower dream", and the area is 22000 square meters, the building area is 4,700 square meters, and the room is 212, and the corridor is 102. The whole residence was divided into three roads, namely, Chushin Sihe in temple, East and West.
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Historical Architecture
睡恣@M丶Rongguofu in the flower, romantic cherry blossoms, white as the cherry blossoms, lilacs quiet and heart-warming ... with the spring romantic, to a spring date.
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Historical Site
D39***98really beautiful ancient town. Some amazing sites 100% recommend staying till dark and seeing the town lit up. very pretty.
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yjw2000Rinzai Ji Temple, also known as Rinzai pagoda in temple, was built in the East Wei Dynasty Emperor Xinghe 2 years (540). Rinzai Ji Temple is located in Zhengding County, Ishijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, Linyi River side, so that the name of Rinzai. The founder of the Rinzai sect in the Tang Dynasty in 8 (854), Yigen Zen master stationed in this temple. Rinzai Ji Temple is the birthplace of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism in China and the founder of the Rinzai sect in Japan.
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Ancient Pagoda
Historical Architecture
把剑长歌The Lingyan Tower in Tianning Temple is 40.98 meters high, one of the landmarks of the ancient city of Zhengding. The valuable part of the Lingyan Tower is that it adopts the form of the column of the tower center which is advantageous to the stability of the tower body. This structure is the only example of the existing ancient tower in China, Guobao. Guanghui Temple Hua Tower, also known as "Duobao Tower", but the construction of the tower will be later than Jindai, the most unique shape in the Chinese brick tower, the most decorated tower, Guobao. Kaiyuan Temple Xumi Tower, Miyu Nine Class, high 39.5 meters, above the engraving "Xumi Li" four large words, Guobao. The Chengling Tower of Linji Temple is the Yiyan Tower of the founder of the Linji sect. It was built in Tang Dynasty. The tower is 30.47 meters high. It is a nine-grade dense tower with an eight angle. Guobao. It is my love my love ~

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Rongguofu and Ningrong StreetShijiazhuang,China

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Zhengding Four TowersShijiazhuang,China

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Zhengding Lishiwenhua Jiequ Management OfficeShijiazhuang,China

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Shijiazhuang Guoji Huizhan CenterShijiazhuang,China

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Changle GateShijiazhuang,China

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Zhengding Ancient CityShijiazhuang,China

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About Zhengding

Zhengding is located on the North China Plain in the southwest of Hebei province. The famous Qin dynasty general Zhao Tuo and the Han dynasty military general Zhao Yun were born here. The city was one of Hebei's most important commercial centers and is home to a wide range of ancient architecture, including the famous Sui dynasty Longxing Temple, one of China's largest and best preserved ancient temples. Other historical attractions include the Hua Pagoda at Guanghui Temple and the ancient city wall.

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Here are the best places to visit in Zhengding, including: Longxing Temple,Rongguofu and Ningrong Street,The Forest Hequna Theme Park
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