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Things To Do in Zhenlai

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Botanical Garden
resment99Zhenlai County Huancheng Wetland Scenic Area is located in the park in Zhenlai County, Baicheng City, Jilin Province. It embraces the urban area tightly, and the lake is surrounded by a long scenery line, which is beautiful and moving! The reeds are rippling slightly, and the lotus blooms!
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海鹔In the Momoge National Nature Reserve, the first stop of the sightseeing car, there are quite a lot of exhibits, very interesting, there is also an indoor tree house, and there is an automatic answering machine to test the learning results, which is very fun.
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滇国剑客The huge wet area of the Harnao Reservoir in Baicheng benefited the surrounding environmental protection. More exciting content is that because of the water or influence, the boundless green scenery has been achieved, and it has provided tourists with a place to play.
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Nature Reserve
M47***09The traffic jammed Baicheng self-driving tour this self-driving tour, the itinerary is more than 4,000 kilometers, it is very happy to play, the traffic jam happened in Baicheng, the whole trip three violations occurred in Baicheng, we are all old drivers of more than 20 years of age, driving in accordance with the law and rarely violate the rules. We think that the traffic control of Baicheng has problems, set up for fines, ideological rigidity, the system is backward, we do not expect them to correct, just remind the majority of the car friends, less to Baicheng, good mood is damaged.
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forestwolfDonggou Wetland Hunting Ground is located at the junction of Dagangzi Township in Da'an City, Jilin Province, Bamian Township in Tongyu County, and Erlong Township in Taonan City. The Donggou Wetland Tourist Area with a total area of more than 50,000 hectares is a natural hunting area approved by the Ministry of Forestry. 4000 hectares of woodland with shadows, vast grasslands, gully plains, reeds and deserts, the Huolin River in the south, the Taoer River in the north, the Niuxintaobao reed field in the west, and the endless Jiangjiadian grassland in the east. , Full of life. Large numbers of rare birds and beasts build their nests and thrive. There are 36 species of beasts in 6 orders, 13 families, and 46 species of waterfowl in 12 families, 6 orders, accounting for more than 44% of the number of animal species in Jilin Province. Wild ducks, swans, red-crowned cranes dance lightly, and pheasants, hares, foxes, roe deer, and yellow sheep appear in the jungle. To see the harmony between people and all things in nature, and feel the natural and wild taste, Donggou Wetland Tourist Area is your best choice.
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_We***47I didn’t exist many years ago. I think I was a half-year-old child when I first built it. I have a lot of affection every brick and tile. After all, where I have been working for nine years, I miss it very much and pay tribute to the most beloved youth! ! !