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Things To Do in Zhongxiang

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Historical Architecture
JJING1106☑️Clearly mausoleum The largest single-body imperial mausoleum in the Ming Dynasty Also a member of the United Nations 🇺🇳 World Heritage Catalogue The historical treasures of the mountains and waters are impressive 🎫 Ticket: 65 yuan ❗️ You can buy a discount in advance.
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木易真人Stay at the Mochou Lake Hotel in Zhongxiang, Jingmen, which is located near Mochou Lake. A song "Mochou Lake" was popular for ten minutes a few decades ago, but the song was located in Nanjing. Mochou is the first beautiful woman in Chu, a master of Chu's national song and dance. Mo Chou beautiful and beautiful, can sing and dance, singing like a cloud, dance like a fairy flying. Mo Chou in Quyuan's guidance, the perfect interpretation of "Yangchun" and "White Snow." Mo Chou and young talented Wang Chun brother, love each other. After the Chu Shu king to call Mochou into the palace, strong for the Yong, Mochou resolutely into the river, to protect the festival, known as "holy lady." Lake shore, wooden plank, walk along the plank lake is very comfortable.
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M54***02Fun, fun, good scenery, overall great, good value for money, very much like this tourist attraction, will come back next time, worth it. Scenic scenic area management specifications, very high. Excellent scenic scenic area.
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M53***69It's really fun not to have been. The surroundings are quiet. The air is very good, the scenery is charming. The place is not big, you can finish it in more than two hours. It's not tired. It's cool in summer and there are just more mosquitoes.
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木易真人The museum is a great place to visit as a county city, with its unique exhibits and archived. The net says there is Su Shi's end of the grave, unearthed in the tomb of the king of the puppet, the exhibit did not see detailed explanation, according to the guides introduced, the puppet stage on the yin engraved Su Shi two words, but can not see clearly, also difficult to prove, so did not elaborate explanation. The white snow monument of Yangchun, the banner of the Badashan people, the painting of Zheng Banqiao and the antithesis of Zuo Zongtang are fine. The museum door is from other places to move the Shaosima archway, and the modern museum building is very compatible.
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Botanical Garden
无疆行I thought it was a small attraction. I didn't expect many people to visit the Botanical Garden. The huge parking lot was full of cars. Of course, parking was charged. When I went, just in time for the tulips to bloom, the entire hillside was full of flowers, and the valley also had large purple flowers, but it was still a bit worse than the tulips. There is a lake next to it, very beautiful, clean and clear.