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Taoist Temple
_We***00Pure information: From shanghai south railway station you can take a bus to putuo (zhoushan) for 150 RMB at zhoushan you grab a ferry ticket for 30 RMB and a ticket to enter the island at 160 RMB (passports required also). once you're on the island there are no didi's but the island itself is small enough to walk to the north in around 2 hours and there are shuttle busses, though i didnt use them. you'll need to buy a return ferry ticket to zhoushan for your trip back on the bus.there is also a direct ferry from shanghai to putuoshan and from putuoshan to shanghai once per day but this will take you 12 hours compared to the 4 hours or so on the bus. as a final piece of infornation, yes you are actually allowed to swim in the sea here. i went around 30 meteres out having a bit of a play and a swim, this was at baibusha (hundred step beach) with lifeguards on jetskis for safety. i hope this helps you plan your trip as i had to do my own research and if you dont speak any chinese im sure it could be a challenge!very much worth it howevet,
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Flower Fields
JeanPThis was one of the loveliest scenic areas. You hop on a bus which is FREE and they take you around the mountain with breathtaking views. Then you hop off at the other end get in a minivan which takes you to the top of the mountain where you have the best view of the whole bay!
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E33***04This island has a sand sculpture park that is so fun! it has a small train and sand slide for kids. There is a bar and food stands.
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JCNLoved being at the beach. The weather and temperature of the water was amazing. Great hotels nearby which serve delicious variety of western food
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M49***79As a local feature, it is ok, the 360 degree seat rotation is a feature, just buy tickets because there are special circumstances such as discount tickets for children, can not be arranged with family seats, this problem can be solved
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小芋艿-Sakurajima is still very beautiful. Here, there are green mountains, blue seas and blue skies, and Jinsha Silver Tao. Because the flights to the island are limited, even people on holidays will not be very many. However, if you go on holidays, pay attention to grab the boat tickets in advance, the tickets will be more nervous. The homestay here is all sea view rooms, the sea is going out, and the specialty mussels are also very delicious. If you go for one or two, it is recommended to share a car with others, because the taxi fare is still quite expensive. Not much to say, watch the video directly!

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Taohuayu Scenic Area (Peach Blossum Valley Scenic Area)Zhoushan,China

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Xiao YangshanZhoushan,China

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Baotuojiang TempleZhoushan,China

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International Sand Sculpture Art SquareZhoushan,China

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Elephant Trunk PeakZhoushan,China

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Tea ValleyZhoushan,China

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10 must see islands in Zhoushan
avtarTripBlog   Nov 25, 2019

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About Zhoushan

Zhoushan's fine reputation makes local people say, "Once you have visited Zhoushan, you will never again feel the need to visit another island". It is China’s largest archipelago, made up of around 400 islands. Tourists can appreciate the sand sculpture at Zhujiajian Island or go to swimming on one of the beaches of the Shengshi Islands. From Dongji (Farthest East) Island where the first rays of sunlight every day, every year and every century first hit the Chinese mainland, all the way to Qingbang (Green Waters) Island where you can see the “Potala Palace of the Sea”, the whole archipelago is full of amazing sites. Furthermore, the archipelago's Putuo Mountain has been known since antiquity as the "Ocean Kingdom of Buddhism" and the "Holy Land of the South China Sea". It is one of Chinese Buddhism's Four Great Mountains. Of course, if you come here in the Autumn, you can also can taste all kinds of affordable and delicious seafood.

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Oct 20, 2021
Light Rain
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Zhoushan
Oct 20, 2021 Zhoushan Weather: Light Rain, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 90%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:56/17:16
Zhoushan Travel: Use Caution, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Zhoushan, including: Putuo Mountain Scenic Area,Impression Putuo Performance,Nansha
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