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580 Reviews
M35***22M35***22Children especially like dinosaurs, many museums of dinosaur skeletons are models. Waited for a year, the geological park has been under construction... So went to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, really, really different, increase knowledge. Single museum adult ticket is 25 yuan, children under 140 free. The movie was not shown, but there are circular dinosaur documentary to see. Suggest to drive.
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M47***36M47***36The zoo is OK, there are many animals! You can also bring some food to the animals! The key and the car is very convenient for 100 yuan a day! I went in the morning, I feel that it is best to go around 3:4 in the afternoon, and the night game should be very good at night!
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我的世外桃源我的世外桃源Enter into the China Tyranodon Museum, close-up explore the world of Tyranodon and the dragons, appreciate the shocking seven layers of fossil cascade sites, enjoy the thrilling dynamic film hunting of the king of the king of the great Tyranodon, declassify the mysterious dinosaur world. The dinosaur fossil gallery, a cluster of dinosaur fossils with a length of more than 500 meters and a depth of 30 meters, at a 45 degree angle, is distributed at the site, and there are nearly 10,000 fossils, with femurs up to two meters long and phalanxes up to a few centimeters long, multi-layered distribution. This is the largest dinosaur fossil gallery in the world. Experience the spectacular fossil gallery, the sacred, magical, exploring the new species of dinosaurs with a rich variety of species, intimate dialogue with the prehistoric dragons, and experience the mystical journey back to the Cretaceous
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linglizilingliziIn October of Golden Autumn, National Day holiday, visit Wulian Mountain Scenic Area, located in Wulian County, Shandong, and Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Area. Location is superior, convenient transportation. Here is a beautiful environment, dense vegetation, fresh air, you can climb the mountain to exercise the view, close to nature. Come back in late October, the trees will be more beautiful and pleasant to wear autumn clothes.
70 Reviews
City Park
旅游的桐桐桐旅游的桐桐桐I took the kids to the Dinosaur Park, because there were a lot of dinosaurs in the album he was looking at. He also liked them. He also bought a lot of dinosaur toys and heard many stories about dinosaurs, but I was a little scared to go in.
86 Reviews
M23***01M23***01Dinosaur fossils are relatively rich, the exhibition hall is slightly old, the physical interaction is not strong, there are no staff in the museum, it is very inconvenient to ask the road, the exhibition hall area is not large, the introduction is the exhibition board, the children can not understand, the length is too long and do not want to see too long, Not suitable for young children ~ Jialong Pavilion should be newly built, a small exhibition hall, some decoration asks, parking is very inconvenient, parking plant management is not polite, generally general.

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About Zhucheng

Zhucheng’s dragon culture is prominent. It is rich in dinosaur fossils and known as northern China’s “home of dinosaurs.” Consequently, it has the Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum, which houses many complete dinosaur skeletons and is a wonderful experience. Zhucheng Water Park - which has Heping North Street to the west and Yinghua Street to the east - is a riverside park with landscape gardens and a modern atmosphere. It is open to the public free of charge and is a good place for a relaxing walk.

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Here are the best places to visit in Zhucheng, including: Zhuchengshi Zoo,Zhucheng Dinosaur World,Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum
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