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Things To Do in Zhuolu

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Historical Site
106***66Huangdi City, also known as the Old City of Suzuka, is located 50 meters north of Sanbao Village, Lushan Town, Suzuka County. According to the "Shiji" records, the Yellow Emperor killed Qiyou, after serving the emperor Yan, "Suzuka in the Suzuka" is the capital city built on the plain under the Suzuka Mountain. It is said that the Yellow Emperor built a capital city in the summer.
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Ancient Settlement
205***90On the way back to Beijing from Inner Mongolia, I passed Zhangjiakou and stopped here for a night to see the chickens. The parking fee in the ancient city is five yuan, and the ticket purchased online is charged several yuan. The specific few yuan has been forgotten. Very quaint little city, not much repair and commercialization. The instructors are all local people. There are museums, photo galleries, photo galleries and so on. It's quite up to the knowledge. The city wall can also go up. I played in it for four hours.
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雷雷菲菲1231Jimingshan is located in Huailai County, Hebei Province. Finally, we have to drive a small Panshan Road, first say that the parking space is less random and no one is in charge, the bathroom super few parking lot a 20-plate pit broke more than half, the health care can not come. The scenery is concentrated in the Caishen Temple to Yongning Temple. Yongning Temple is a bit vicissitudes and looks at the distance. Finally, to the top of the mountain, the Jade Emperor Pavilion. You can choose the slide at half the distance. 25 people, it is the stone slide! Tickets 54! Service must be improved!
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Historical Site
Kim KohakuThis section of the Great Wall is well-maintained. It is clean and definitely recommended for beginners to walk/climb!
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飞鸟与鱼0010Dongling Mountain Scenic Area is Beijing Mentougou Lingshan Scenic Area. It covers an area of 60 square kilometers. It is located in Qingshui Town, Mentougou District, Beijing. The main peak is 2,303 meters above sea level.
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观澜墅小杨After visiting here, you can come to the lakeside of the Guanting to see the Lanshu line facing the lake. The environment is very good. You can experience the lakeside walk and jog, blowing the lake and smelling the flowers.