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Cultural Experiencial Area
圣吉米尼亚诺伊尹Zhang Fei Temple, is Liu Bei and Zhang Fei hometown. Zhang Fei Temple, located in Zhang Fei's hometown Zhongyi shop. The inside of Zhang Yuhou Temple was rebuilt in 1991. More than 50 acres of temples, in turn, opened the mountain gate, horse hall, main hall, Xiangtang and tombs and other buildings. South of the Temple of the Emperor, there is a "Taoyuan three-junctions hometown", a lush peach garden. Taoyuan has a "Zhang Fei Gujing" and drinking manger, next to the Han Zhaolie emperor alliance hometown, Zhang Yuehou ancient well inscription.
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圣吉米尼亚诺伊尹The museum of Jingzhou city is located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Huayang West Road and East Street, and covers an area of about 12 mu. The building style is a combination of Chinese classical garden style and modern architecture, and the area is 5000 square meters. The museum of Jingzhou will be completely free to the public. Citizens may obtain free doors by holding valid documents such as ID cards, driving licenses, military officers' cards, PLA servicemen's security cards, armed police police officers' cards, account books, passports, and passports to and from Hong Kong and Macao. tickets .
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Ancient Pagoda
圣吉米尼亚诺伊尹The two towers of Jingzhou, the landmark of the ancient city of the first state in the world, are called the "Chidu Temple Pagoda" in the south and the "Yunju Temple Pagoda" in the north, both of which are named for the temple, but the temples are destroyed in the long river of history, only one tower of each existing Buddha, merged into two towers. The double towers have the distinctive Liao Dynasty features, its shape is majestic, magnificent, its interior and exquisite sculpture, carved with pictures, for China only three octagonal imitation wood pavilion type Liao Dynasty brick tower.
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City Park
圣吉米尼亚诺伊尹Huayang Park is located in the northwest corner of the city of Zhangzhou, Hebei Province, west of 107 National Road, North Guan City Natatorium, south of the ancient city wall, east of residential areas. It is said that the ancient times "Huang Di Yao is especially in the wilderness of the deer, the west ditch outside the city built Yao Yao, the city built a temple, the county town southwest exhibition village Yan Zhao Wang exhibition ceremony stage; the north-west corner of the city has Yan Prince Dan banquet and Qin will be in the period of the Hua balcony, Du Yuanting is the starting point of Yan Prince to send off the assassin Qin King.
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Historical Architecture
forestwolfThe Gao Family Courtyard has three courtyards arranged horizontally, all from north to south. The two courtyards on the west side have a quadrangular layout, that is, 3 main rooms, 1 penthouse on both sides; 3 east and west rooms, 2 wing rooms each, and 5 inverted seats. The east side of the two-way courtyard house is a cross courtyard, with 4 existing south houses and 15 east houses. The compound covers a total area of 2844 square meters, with a construction area of 1224.38 square meters and 53 existing houses. All of them are in the form of Qing-style buildings with brick and wood structure. The owner of the Gao Family Courtyard opened a jewelry shop in Beijing in his early years. Later, because she made a golden pagoda for the Queen Mother of the West, she was rewarded by the Queen Mother and given the title "Golden Tower High". Gao Xiaoxuan's ancestral home in Shanxi, moved to Lianggezhuang in Fangshan County, Beijing. Settled in Zhuozhou in the late Qing Dynasty. At that time, 63 houses were built in the compound, with carefully selected materials and excellent craftsmanship. In addition to the main room and the wing room, there are also hanging flower doors and moon doors in the layout. This compound was built in the late Qing Dynasty and has a history of about 100 years. The layout of the courtyard is now basically complete, and the main structure of the building is basically intact.
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Film Studio
茜茜xixi茜It's closed. There's no notice of when it's open.

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Jingnan Gao'erfu Xiangcun ClubBaoding,China

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Zhuozhi Youyong Jianshen CenterBaoding,China

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Xihe Gezhuang Changcheng Culture SquareBaoding,China

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Zhuozhou LibraryBaoding,China

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MaTouZhen XiangYang ShangYeJieBaoding,China

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Huayang ParkBaoding,China

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Zhuozhou Travel Tips

About Zhuozhou

Zhuozhou City is located in the northwest of the North China Plain and is under the jurisdiction of Baoding City, Hebei Province. The Zhuozhou Twin Towers are the iconic structures of the city's ancient district, located in the northeast corner of the old city. The two towers are reliquary pagodas in the architectural style of the Liao era (907-1125). The Zhuozhou Twin Towers are one of the few extant examples of pagoda-style brick towers, and their exquisite craftsmanship imitates the look of a wooden pagoda. The city also has other historical and cultural sites like the home of legendary Three Kingdoms-era general Zhang Fei and the Zhuozhou Museum.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Zhuozhou
Oct 21, 2021 Zhuozhou Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 41%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:31/17:30
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Here are the best places to visit in Zhuozhou, including: Liao Dynasty Twin Towers,Baoding Zhuozhou Museum,Zhang Fei’s Hometown
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