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Things To Do in Zijin

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62 Reviews
Geological Sites
返老还童之悟It is more than ninety kilometers away from downtown Huizhou. I saw Xizi introduced that I wanted to go hiking with my wife. One hour and twenty minutes high-speed journey, arrived at the Yuewang Mountain in Guzhu Town, Zijin County. There are no vehicles when arriving at the parking lot at nine o'clock in the morning. The parking lot is a parking frame drawn with lime lines on mud and sand. Booking a ticket on Ctrip is two yuan cheaper than the ticket window. For online ticket booking, the ticket must be printed at the ticket window and handed over to the entrance to enter the ticket. You cannot directly scan and enter with the barcode at the entrance. The scenery is good, the environment lacks management, and the shabby management is not enough. For unknown reasons, during the National Day, it seems that the glass plank road, glass slide, air rafting and other entertainment projects have stopped. Fortunately, we are purely hiking.
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Hot Springs Resort
莞鑫Not bad, worth going, not big, quiet.
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Historical Site
M22***79The scenery is beautiful, the sound of Buddha is lingering, and the building "floats" above the clouds, as if hanging on the horizon, it is intoxicating and lingering!
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慧鸭Hahaha can come and see, the pictures are for reference only.
Nearby City
115 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
Eric_KWONGXYThis is the fourth time I went to Yulinmen Hot Spring, because 1. The hot spring water here is good; 2. The authentic Indonesian technician Spa; 3. The Hakka cuisine in the Chinese restaurant is not bad. Every time I go there, it feels like being in Bali. The fragrance of birds and flowers is relaxing, relaxing, and skin care. It is a good place to be in a daze. Of course, this is the first time I have brought my father and my family to experience on Father’s Day. This time I seem to be an experience guide for my family to listen to their feelings. My sister said, we arrived at Yulinmen Hot Spring Hotel at 4pm. This hotel has already wanted to come N times. It is either lack of time or expensive, but this time it seems that it is not in vain. Expensive is justified. There are springs in the hotel, and there is a strong smell of sulfur around the springs, just like rotten eggs. The hot spring water of the entire hotel comes from this spring, although we live in a villa area, there is a private pool , But I still went to experience the public bathing pool. There are about 20 bathing pools and various medicinal pools for you to choose from. Let you listen to the melodious music, smell the fragrance of frangipani, soak in the slippery pool water, a great joy in life, the most important thing is that the skin is slippery after soaking. After soaking in the public pool, I visited the environment of the hotel. The design of this hotel is Balinese style. No wonder it feels like you have gone to Thailand when you enter the hotel. The fragrance of birds and flowers and the fresh air are often used by white-collar workers who work in companies every day. It’s a good choice to relax and inhale oxygen. The hotel’s breakfast is also good, rich in variety, especially Heyuan’s Bawang rice noodles with purple chili sauce is a perfect match, the taste is super delicious. We chose to eat in the hotel's Chinese restaurant for lunch and dinner, and they were all very distinctive Hakka dishes. For this two-day and one-night trip, the hotel's service brought me and my family feel like my enjoyment. It is worth recommending to my friends to come and enjoy it. My sister said that this time I went to Yulinmen Resort Hotel for a two-day vacation. The hotel has a beautiful environment, complete facilities, hot springs and water, and the service attitude is very good. Smiles are greeted, smiles are given away, and the service is praised by five stars.
Nearby City
213 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
翼儿爱自由I will love it when I go to Heyuan Yeyuan Hot Spring, because Heyuan Yeyuan Hot Spring is located in the national 4A level tourist area and hot spring area, surrounded by green vegetation, fresh air, and high negative ion content. Because it is located in the Hakka family, so the hot spring is mainly Hakka style, authentic Hakka cuisine, Hakka enclosures are full of rich Hakka flavor. The unique design of the hot spring area, the variety of hot springs, the fragrance of flowers, and a river source first wave pool, the sea waves lifelike, stimulating fun. Perhaps it is the reason that people don't know it, there are no other hot springs crowded, three or two confidants take the pool, chat and laugh, enjoy rare quiet. Address: Liangtian Village, Huangtian Town, Dongyuan County, Heyuan

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Qiujiangguanyin TempleHeyuan,China

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Zijin TempleHeyuan,China

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Heyuan Yuewang Mountain Scenic AreaHeyuan,China

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Shi Li Dong'an Mashu ClubHeyuan,China

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Longwozhen Fei Long TempleHeyuan,China

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Sep 23, 2021 Zijin Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 68%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:08/18:15
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Here are the best places to visit in Zijin, including: Heyuan Yuewang Mountain Scenic Area,Zijinxian Yunyan Temple,Hanyangnongbo Hot Spring
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