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Historical Site
山在穷游A must-see attraction for a trip to Anzhen, which is the Yuanjuedong Scenic Area near the city of Anzhen. The Yuanjuedong has two gates, which are often opened in the north, but I think the west gate has its unique charm. Especially at sunset, it is in the state of the holy light, and it can take many large films, and if it is during the first string of the moon, it can also take pictures of the moon and the gate in a blue sky. Never think that the hole is just a hole, the bodhisattva inside the hole is very delicate, and you like more is the outside of the Shakamoni statue and Guanyin, standing in front of them, you will feel so small.
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滇国剑客The flower valley is attractive because its value is there to make money, because what flowers and trees here have, as a landscape tree species, and become a place for birds to meet.
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Historical Site
直评人Anzhang County, Sichuan Province is the most concentrated county of ancient Buddhist statues in China. It has been found that there are 368 cave statues in the past dynasties, with more than 100,000 statues. In 2000, the Ministry of Culture awarded the title of "China's stone-carving township". Anzhen grottoes, the earliest discovered image title is the early Tang Dynasty Wude 3 years (AD 620), since 1400 years. Anzhen grottoes have been listed in the national material cultural heritage list.
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Historical Site
Cherry??2009^_^The most well-known among the many stone sculptures of Anyue is the "Purple Bamboo Guanyin" in Pilu Cave, also known as "Water Moon Guanyin". Because of this beautiful statue of Guanyin, Zizhu Guanyin has become the spokesperson of Anyue stone carvings. "Water Moon Goddess of Mercy" is named after its back leaning on purple bamboo. It is an artistic treasure of the Northern Song Dynasty stone carvings, the pinnacle of work. She was called "Oriental Venus" by the famous British Chinese female writer, Ms. Han Suyin. My feeling is that it is even more beautiful than Venus! [laid back] In addition to the Shuiyue Guanyin statue, there is an important grotto in Pilu Cave-the ten practice diagram of the fifth generation of Tantric Patriarch Liu Benzun. In the Pilu Cave, which is 6.6 meters high, 14 meters wide, and 4.5 meters deep, the sculpture of the "Ten Rehabilitation Practice Diagram" of Liu Benzun is rigorous in composition, vivid and easy to understand, which is a fine product. This unparalleled statue of Zizhu Guanyin appeared in various texts and photos introducing Anyue stone carvings, but it was obviously not enough to promote it. During our visit, we found that most of the visitors were locals from Sichuan, and there were not many foreign tourists. We stopped for a long time in front of this exquisite statue and couldn't bear to leave! [struggle]
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索姆省宝儿Baoguo Temple is surrounded by green hills, backed by mountains and water, with a quiet environment, lush forests and rugged rocks; thousand-year-old trees, remnants of the Tang Dynasty, and Song and Ming sarcophagi; integrating temples, halls, ponds, bridges, pavilions, caves and cliff statues One, ten-level Range Rover, high and low, twists and turns, is a spectacle.
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滇国剑客Because of the beautiful natural environment of the attractions, it is the best choice for people to travel and vacation. The buildings are covered in flowers, and various bees and butterflies dance, increasing the dynamic color, and making the colors more diverse.

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Yuanjue Cave Cliff Sculpture Scenic AreaZiyang,China

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Ningdu ParadiseZiyang,China

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Er'ehu Mountain VillaZiyang,China

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Lezhi Chen Yi Memorial ParkZiyang,China

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Gaosiguanyin TempleZiyang,China

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Anyue Stone CarvingsZiyang,China

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Ziyang Travel Tips

About Ziyang

Ziyang City is bordered by Chengdu and Deyang to the north and Chongqing to the east. Ziyang has a long cultural history and many ancient cultural sites. The Anyue (“Peaceful Mountain”) Stone Carvings are of particular interest as another great treasure trove of ancient Chinese carvings. The carvings were begun during the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589) and carved mostly during the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties. Among the greatest of the carvings is the 3 meter high “Purple Bamboo Guanyin,” masterfully worked and honored as the “Venus of China.” Here, you can also visit the Buddha of Banyue (“Half Moon”) Mountain, the “Hedong Great Buddha,” the “Camp of (famous Three Kingdoms general) Zhang Fei, and the former residence of Chen Yi, a Chinese communist military commander and eventual PRC foreign minister.

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Here are the best places to visit in Ziyang, including: Yuanjue Cave Cliff Sculpture Scenic Area,Huaxi Valley,Former Residence of Chen Yi
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