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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
139***13The Qing Dongling is located 30 kilometers northwest of Zunhua City, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, 125 kilometers west of Beijing City, covering 80 square kilometers. It is the largest, complete and well-laid imperial mausoleum in China. The Qing Dongling Mausoleum began to be built in 1661 (Shunzhi 18), and it lasted 247 years, and 217 palace arches were built one after another, and it was composed of 15 cemeteries. The mausoleum area is 12.5 km long and 20 km wide, and there are 161 people buried by 5 emperors, 15 empresses, 136 puppets, 3 elder brothers and 2 princesses. There are too many stories about the Qing Dongling.
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Hot Springs Resort
_We***49The environment is clean, the soup pool has many functions, indoor and outdoor can experience it, the service is thoughtful, there are not many people today, it is very good, the service staff Xu Wei service enthusiasm, recommend
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睡恣@M丶Phoenix Ridge Natural Scenic Park, located in Haidian District, Beijing, more than 30 kilometers away from Beijing City, covering an area of more than 10 square kilometers, is spring and autumn two seasons to enjoy flowers spring, summer and winter two seasons to summer and snow-watching tourist place, the number of human landscapes in the scenic area is also particularly much, called "Beijing West Xiaohuangshan."
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睡恣@M丶The cemetery of Wanfo Garden in the Eastern Mausoleum of Qing Dynasty is mainly used in the combination of tourism and visitation, and its external image is composed of lush and graceful landscape. Through the cemetery construction and gardening techniques combined tacit operation, a distinctive feature, well-served, beautiful environment, prominent ethnic style, and the surrounding cultural relics and monuments echoed with the attractive garden style garden.
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Ancient Trees
睡恣@M丶Wufeng Gaoshi Ruiyun deep, Qin Temple Yunchang calendar Song Jin. The famous monks of the mountains in the Fanta, the name of the Chang Temple Yulin. Rock called tigers howling, stones out of the cock crows have a sound. cypress cross branch ginkgo, thousands of years to now.
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睡恣@M丶Located in Shangguan village, Malantun Town, Zunhua City, Hebei Province, 24 kilometers away from Zunhua City. The north is located in the Great Wall, the east is Tangquan, the west is connected to the East Mausoleum. In the scenic area, Qingshan Diecui, blue waves, Yanbo Hao...

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Ancient Ginkgo Garden of Chanlin TempleTangshan,China

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Yuling GardenTangshan,China

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Zunhuashi Dongsan Li Christ ChurchTangshan,China

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Zunhua International CinemaTangshan,China

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Zunhua Travel Tips

About Zunhua

Zunhua City is nestled in the southern foothills of the Yan Mountains in northeast Hebei Province. Zunhua has always had the nickname of “the finest city east of the capital.” The location abounds with Dongling (东陵) pastries, Jingdong (京东) chestnuts, and Mopan (磨盘) persimmons. Zunhua has two World Heritage Sites: the Eastern Qing Tombs and a stretch of the Great Wall. It also has the 4A-class tourism attraction Ten-Thousand Buddha Park, as well as the 2A-class attractions of Jiufeng Mountain (“Vulture Peak Mountain”), Shangguan Lake (“Lake on the Pass”), and Wolong Mountain (“Hidden Dragon Mountain”).

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Oct 19, 2021 Zunhua Weather: Clear, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 63%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:22/17:24
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Here are the best places to visit in Zunhua, including: Eastern Qing Tombs,Tangquan Palace Hot Spring Resort,Wanfoyuan
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