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Things To Do in Zuogong

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gz当地向导伊妹儿Good place to go for a self-driving tour of East Dashan, the scenery is pleasant, although a little high, but still can stand, interesting, blue sky, white clouds, snow mountain is very beautiful and beautiful, not to mention this trip, different experience.
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GeographerAfter crossing the Lancang River on 318, it will start up on the cliff along the Lancang River Valley. This mountain is the Jueba Mountain, the altitude is not high, the entrance is less than 4000 meters, but the route is really dangerous, the Jueba Mountain Tunnel has been built.
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Miranda-zmThe first bay of the Nujiang River presents a real rainbow, which is the second time in several years to capture the most beautiful rainbow in the first bay of the Nujiang River, and in spring, it used to be only seen in summer, the weather and the place are a bit lucky [hexue] [hexue] [hexue]
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当地向导江南游子Yela Mountain (Nujiang Mountain)-located in Basu County, Qamdo Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region. The pass is at G318, with an elevation of 4658 meters. After crossing the pass from Bangda Town, which is 4120 meters away, there is the famous "72 Nujiang River", also known as "Ninety-Nine Roads". These turns are sharp and steep, but most of them are U-turns. Each crutches were piled up with 20 to 30 centimeters thick mud, and the mud rolled up by the wheels of the car covered the sky. If you are not careful, Nujiang will be waiting for you below. It is daunting and can be called a miracle on Chinese highways! Going further down is the Nujiang Bridge, and it didn't take long to pass through to Baxu County, which is 3260 meters above sea level.
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lyn0919Continue the original road back, and cross the Yela Mountain, another 72 turn, and pass the East Dashan, a day experience the altitude drops and downs can be nearly 2,500 meters. The scenery is still beautiful. After Mangkang, continue to follow the Panshan Road winding, both sides are high mountains, beautiful scenery.
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Historical Site
天涯自游人When the morning dawned and the earth was still asleep, I set off. In the dark blue sky, the stars are shining, and the cold light is flickering, like a street lamp in the sky, watching the plateau land. The windless, cloudless, clear air is exciting. Of course, this excitement is more of the expectation of Zuogong Temple. In the vast land of Tibet, as long as there are people, there must be temples. Walking on this piece of land, you will find that near the village, there must be one or more road signs pointing to the deep mountain, indicating "such and such temple". On the side of the road from Zuogong County to Tiantuo Town, there is such a signposting "Zuogong Temple". From Zuogong County to Yazhong Village, Tiantuo Town, the journey went smoothly. It was halfway up the mountain in 40 minutes. You can see the Zuogong Temple complex when you look up. The square red wall and golden roof building are tall and mysterious. Zuogong Temple resembles the Potala Palace, built on Elephant Trunk Hill, majestic. Not far from the mountains, the roads above the mountainside are winding, the world is magnificent, and the words are scarce. In addition to marveling or marveling. On the vast snow-covered plateau, there are many temples like stars. Zuogong Temple was just passing by in my itinerary. When I stood here and looked into the distance, a vast and spiritual feeling came into being. This temple allowed me to interpret the power of faith. Perhaps this is the spiritual pillar of the plateau humans. With these spiritual supports, they have lived tenaciously on this snowy plateau for generations.

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East of the MountainQamdo,China

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