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Rural Area
In the Tibetan language, the word "Zhagana" means "stone box." Also known as the "Yama Temple," it is a complete city built of natural stone. The topography of the site is like a giant palace. It is said to resemble an ancient city that has been constructed entirely of rock and stone. This place can be called a natural wonder. For several centuries, this natural stone city was an important station on the edge of the ancient trade routes. Inside the stone city, there are four villages and one temple. Dongwa Village and Sangla Temple are located in the center of the stone city.
Bone Lake
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Zhaga Mountain View House
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Gudiezhoucheng Ruins
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Historical Site

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Trip Moments

There are five scenic spots in the Tianzhao area of Zhazi, including the Tiger Mouth, the First Line, the Small Waterfall, the Stone Forest and the One-day Gate. It takes a day to go on foot. If you are full of energy, you can continue to walk along the canyon after reaching the gate of the day, and cross back to Dongwow Village in the canyon behind the Fairy Beach. In order to get more into the hinterland of the scenic spot, we set off from the village at 6 am in the morning and walked to Mizoguchi an hour later. Arrive at Shilin around 11 o'clock and rest at the grassy stream. In the first-line sky canyon, the mountain high forest Mi Stream water rapids, walking among them, suddenly and flat road suddenly climbed, tired, I pant. There are many strange stones in the canyon, the stone is good, and the stone shape is quite good. Almost all of them are coral stones and pebbles on the ancient seabed. The colors are colorful, and they are very attractive. The small stones that make the pendants are countless. If you don't take it, I really want to bring out a few more pieces. Canyon, the most suitable for couples to roam among them, dressed in gorgeous women, is the most beautiful scenery of nature. In the middle of the jungle, the banks of the river, and the mountains and flowers, in addition to the turbulent sound of the stream, what you can hear must be the heartbeat that loves the lover. Here, it is a paradise for learning photography. A beautiful view can be taken from a variety of angles to freeze the most beautiful moments.
Posted: Aug 14, 2019
In Diebu County, Gansu Province, there is a small village hidden in the mountains and mountains, named "Zhabei." In the Tibetan language, the word "die" refers to "the place where the gods come out", while the "zazha" is the meaning of "stone scorpion". It is said that the goddess of the Tibetans, Negandava, passed by long time ago. Here, see the mountains cascade, obstruct the road, and use your fingers to smash it. The power of the wilderness makes the landslide stone here, and this open place appears! "Zhana" is like a miracle The terrain was mentioned in the record of the explorer Joseph Locke a hundred years ago: "I have never seen such a beautiful scenery in my life. If the author of Genesis had seen the beauty of the tier, the birthplace of Adam and Eve would be placed here. " There are four Tibetan villages hidden from the top down. They are all located in the valley surrounded by mountains. The terrain is like a huge fortress city. It is amazing. Although it is because of tourism development, now There are more and more B&Bs, restaurants and shops in Xiaocun, but most of them still retain the original Tibetan villages. The village is gradually growing along the terrain, and the golden dome in the center is shining in the sun. Oh, all this is full of beauty and magnificence like a paradise, like a paradise! Zha That there are not only mountains, but also meadows, creeks and waterfalls, even stone forests and other diverse natural landscapes. For the average visitor, it is more difficult to walk on foot. It is recommended to ride on horseback. Although the cost of renting a horse is not cheap, it is easy to ride on the horseback in this beautiful environment, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. This is refreshing. It is difficult to express in words. It is not the first time to visit Zhabei. In the first month of the 4th year ago, the Buddha Festival of the pilgrimage to Gannan Langmu Temple once passed through here and stayed for a short time. More quiet, in addition to our travellers, the entire village almost no outsiders, as if the world is isolated. Village temples are floating in the smoke, Tibetans pilgrimage, in this paradise-like village Time seems to be still. Everything here is working independently according to its own rules. The winter Zha is a little cold, looking for a winding mountain road into the village, we knocked on the door of the fellow village, just for the cup The hot tea warmed up. I was touched by their simple smile, so I recorded the following pictures with my camera. The simple grandmother, the girl, the cute baby, everything is so beautiful. Although the Tibetans will only Speaking a few simple Chinese, sitting in a warm hut, everyone can only communicate with each other, but this does not seem to affect the communication of the mind. The smile on the face is always overflowing, the milk tea in the hand has been warm. ZhaThen, this stone city created by the power of the wild has brought me so many wonderful feelings and memories, I hope that this place can preserve this simplicity and tranquility for a long time.
Posted: Aug 12, 2016