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About Dingxi

Dingxi is in central Gansu Province, where the western Qinling Mountains adjoin the Longxi Loess Plateau. It is a major eastern gateway to Lanzhou. Dingxi was an important city on the ancient Silk Road, and today the major rail line between Asia and Europe, the “New Eurasian Continental Bridge,” passes through here. Dingxi has a long history and famous forest parks: Guiqingshan (“Honorable Clear Mountain”), Zheyangshan (“Sun-Covering Mountain”), and Lianfengshan (“Lotus Peak Mountain”). There are also archaeological sites of the famous Majiayao Neolithic culture and the Qijia and Siwa cultures. Here you can also find structures built in one-of-a-kind styles like the Weiyuan Baling Bridge and the Weiyuan Tower in Longxi.

Popular Attractions in Dingxi

Zheyang Mountain Tourist Scenic Area
85 Reviews
Luheyuan Scenic Area
54 Reviews
Taibai Mountain
35 Reviews
Taibai Mountain is a very tall mountain located in Huichuan Village to the southwest of Wuyuan County. Because the mountain is so steep, it resembles Huashan, earning it the nickname Little Huashan. Legend has it that this is the magical mountain where Taibai Jinxing practiced Taoism. The view from the peak is dominated by a sea of white clouds. There were temples atop the mountain in the Tang Dynasty, and they were rebuilt during the Qing Dynasty. While the original buildings were destroyed in the 1960s, the villagers have managed to rebuild Taibai Hall, Sanqing Hall and Sancha Hall. A lively temple festival is held annually on the mountain on the sixth day of the lunar new year.
Guiqing Mountain Tourism Scenic Area
55 Reviews

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Trip Moments

The ancient town of Qikou, Kangzhuang Garden, is a new sightseeing spot that integrates agriculture, culture and tourism. There are many different parks in the complex: creative sightseeing parks, fruit and vegetable picking gardens, fishing gardens, ecological dining gardens, etc. To say that the whole complex is most attractive to me, it must be an ecological dining garden! For food, it is a serious matter to turn these fresh ingredients into delicious food and eat them into your stomach. , open production process, clean and tidy environment, my taste buds are ready to accept the baptism of food: clam meat, sugar cake, sweet hazelnuts, oil pot pot, apricot tea, circle. .. roast leg of lamb sizzling on the stove, the oil shines straight, seeing me swallow, the big baked potato is cut with a knife, sprinkle with salt and pepper and bean paste, soft and delicious; milk eggs are bad, It is sour and sweet, the entrance is smooth, and it can be greasy after eating. The circle is similar to that of Wuhan. It is made from buckwheat flour, mixed with a small amount of baking soda, added with boiling water to make a paste, and swirled. In a special wooden spoon or iron spoon, put it into an eight-layer hot oil pan and finally fry until brownish red, and eat it with a soft crispy taste. Come here, while learning, understanding, and picking in the shed, I also learned about agricultural science knowledge, naturally accepting the influence of local traditional culture and farming culture, and eating farmhouse rice with hometown flavor. Purchase local souvenirs.
Posted: Jan 21, 2019
Driving in Gansu, you can see the white smoke from the vast Loess Plateau, the snow-covered terraces and the coal stoves heated by every household. It was as if you came to Hengtai Manor as if you had just crossed the river to the south of the Yangtze River. It used to be a medicinal company and it has now been turned into an ecological garden. When you enter the restaurant, you will have a look and feel of recreating your surroundings. The entire structure of this courtyard is Suzhou garden style, including stone garden stones from Suzhou gardens, green plants are also in the south, these green plants need to grow in an environment of about 20 degrees, the yard Completely restored the environment of Suzhou gardens, even the water and soil have changed. Each box scattered in the yard has its own meaning. Huntai Manor dishes have two characteristics, one is fruit wood roast duck, the other is medicated diet. The fruit-baked roast duck here is made of wood of fruit trees, which is burnt into the heat at the mouth of the stove. The ducks are hung inside and cooked. The skin and meat of the duck are separated, and they are not greasy and the skin is very brittle. The duckling's platter is cute and playful, with a thin dough and a refreshing cucumber, one bite. The canned chicken is a medicated meal made from local chicken, quail eggs, potatoes, angelica, red dates and other ingredients in Qianxi County. The soup is golden and rich, and the fragrance is overflowing. The angelica has the functions of blood and blood, moistening and drying the intestines, anti-cancer and immunity. The winter drink is both delicious and warm.
Posted: Jan 21, 2019