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Hebei Academy of Fine ArtsNearby City

Hebei Academy of Fine Arts

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"Share a good place to go out around Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, it is very suitable for taking pictures and dating couples. First of all, welcome to the South Campus of Hebei Academy of Art. There is a super beautiful castle complex, composed of six castles of different styles. There are artificial lakes, beaches and super majestic Buddhist caves, followed by ancient Chinese pagodas and ancient Ming and Qing architectures. a street. The most distinctive feature is the Gothic architecture that can take you into the world of Harry Potter. ⛰[Attraction guide]📍Detailed address: No.111, Beihuangang Road, Konggang Industrial Park, Shijiazhuang City, Northern Province🚗Traffic guide: Take the high-speed rail to Shijiazhuang, if you take a taxi directly, it will cost around 140, if you drive by car, you can directly search the school navigation and it is easy to find, public Traffic is troublesome. Go to the Canal Bridge Passenger Transport Station to get to Xinle and transfer to Xinle 1 Road. 🕙Opening hours: Because it is a school, it can be said that there is no so-called opening hours. It is recommended to go during the day, and it is not too safe at night, because this campus is built around the lake. (Also open during winter and summer vacations) 💰Ticket price: The official explanation of the school does not accept visits. Highlights: Harry Potter 📌Tips: Please pay attention to those who want to visit. I probably summarized a few points. 1. Entrance plan, a castle in front of the school is a hotel, called a castle hotel. (About 200 a night) Check in here and you can enter the park. (There is an entrance before entering the hotel, saying that you can enter the hotel after boarding. There is also a gate inside, you can enter with your room card) At present, this is the only legal way to enter. Recommended) If you have friends in school, you can take you in. 2. In fact, you can take pictures when you come to the hotel, of course you can take more pictures when you go in. It’s very large inside, so you don’t need to go to the North Campus, which is mainly the teaching area. The landscape is mainly in the south campus. 3. The school building can be divided into three style areas, the Internet celebrity Harry Potter castle area (must go), the Wenfeng Tower grotto area (under construction), and the Chinese antique area (under construction), so it is surrounded Just walk around the lake to admire the castle area from no angle. 4. It is not suitable for friends from afar to come here specially, except for feelings, suitable for people around to take pictures and check in."