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Fairy Cave HouseNearby City

Fairy Cave House

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Ranked No. 9 in Hunyuan Can't Miss Attractions
"The Yungang Grottoes are located at the southern foot of the Wuzhou (Zhou) Mountain and the north bank of the Wuzhou River, about 16 kilometers west of Datong City. Different from the Luoyang Longmen Grottoes excavated in the later period, Yungang Grottoes not only have traditional Chinese artistic style, but also integrate the artistic characteristics of ancient India, the Western Regions and the Central Plains. The most representative one is the 13.75-meter open-air seated Sakyamuni in Cave 20 (Baifoye Cave). This statue is still intact above the chest: the face is semi-circular, deep eyes and high nose, eyes and big lips are thin, retaining the typical Western region minority Ethnic, Indian facial features. The big Buddha in the Longmen Grottoes is already close to the appearance of the Southern Dynasty scholar-officials. The clothing lines of the seated Buddha statue in Yungang are not as soft as the Longmen Grottoes, but reveal the skill of the early Northern Wei Dynasty art. The Yungang Grottoes scenic area is divided into a landscape area and a group of grottoes. Among them, the group of grottoes is undoubtedly the biggest attraction. The entire group of caves is divided into three areas: east, middle, and west from east to west according to the natural mountains. There are currently about 40 caves open to the outside world. The more traditional visit route starts from the first cave in the east, and then goes west to the 45th. The cave ends. If the visit time is about two hours, usually visit the 5th and 6th caves, Wuhua caves (9-13 caves) and Tanyao 5 caves (16-20 caves). One"