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Things To Do in Donggang

Northern Yellow Sea Hot Spring Resort
82 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M29***29The hot springs here are very good. There are 5 seawater hot springs in the world. There are many indoor and outdoor pools. The water temperature is very hot and clean. The service attitude is very good. The surfing hall children like it. The transportation is very convenient. The gate is facing the station and the venue. There are many pots of green plants in it, it will be perfect by adding some medicine ponds, and there are many koi
Dalu Island
162 Reviews
M11***73A very comfortable island, especially at night, suitable for listening to the waves and watching the stars on vacation. When the tide is low, you can walk for hundreds of meters. The water is not clean, but it is not very dirty. This kind of beach is mainly mud, so There should be more clams. The unpleasantness mentioned in the previous comments did not appear. The more impressive thing is that the garbage collection truck still plays songs when cleaning up the garbage. The songs sang by children and dumping garbage are very interesting. The dinner at the seafood market is not expensive, but the seafood barbecue eaten at the food stall outside is more expensive and not very worthwhile. My wife is afraid of the sun during the day, mosquitoes at night, and the sea is dirty. She didn't have a complete turn to play Dalu Island. It was a little regrettable. The child will come later when he gets older.
Dagu (Great Loneliness) Mountain
133 Reviews
首席监理Located at the south side of the mountain, the Dagushan ancient architecture group is a large ancient temple of the "Buddha, Taoism and Confucianism" in Liaoning Province, which was built in the Tang Dynasty and has been renovated over a thousand years. The existing temples are the buildings of the middle and late Qing Dynasty and are the important cultural relics protection units at the provincial level. The ancient building group of Dagushan is a group of ancient buildings which combines the temples of the Shang Dynasty, the temples of the Lower Dynasty and the theater buildings. It is composed of the Tianhou Palace and more than ten palaces, halls, the theater buildings, stone Buddhist pagodas and Guanhai Pavilion. Its brick carving art is well known. The buildings, pavilions, palaces, pavilions, pavilions and platforms are set up in a class courtyard along with the mountains, with compact layout, crisscrossing, perfect shape, smooth lines and exquisite craftsmanship; the characteristics of the South and North Architectural Arts are the combination of natural landscape and humanistic landscape, and have important artistic research value. Tengogu is the largest Matsu hall in Tang Dynasty China.
Zhang Island
91 Reviews
_We***33I went there some time ago. I had to queue up for the ferry tickets. But fortunately, there are not too many people. Feeding seagulls is the baby’s favorite. I have been to Zhangdao for 3 years. At first, I went to Zhangdao with my colleagues. Later With the elderly and children, the island is particularly comfortable, without my noise, it makes me very relaxed. I stayed at the Zhangdao Hotel. This was the first time I went to stay. My colleague booked it. I thought it was good. So I asked for his phone number. We stayed in a sea-view room. The price is not high. It is said that this shop It has been open for nearly 20 years. It is an old shop. The owner is very nice and very enthusiastic. The seafood is a must, and the baby said it tastes great~ The stewed sea fish at home is very tasty, the adult seeds are very fresh, the octopus is very tender, the crabs are very full of crab meat, the meat is very delicate, and the eggplant is also delicious! When the tide was low, I went to the sea and caught a lot of crabs, especially under the rocks. The boss said that when catching crabs, if they are caught by the crabs, they won’t feel any pain, because I can catch them when they are caught. At that time, I had forgotten the pain, and even missed it a little bit. I picked up a large jellyfish on the beach. It was so big that I couldn't hold it. I shared it with other companions. I went to the morning market in the morning. Although I didn’t buy anything, I like to watch the fishermen shouting when they come back to sell seafood. It was after 9 o’clock. I went to the pier with my dad and husband to go fishing. The fish is not very big, but there are many people on the island. Say. The fish grew up on the eleventh, but they weren't very small. What we ate at noon was the fish we caught! The journey is very pleasant. The elderly and children are very happy. They are far away from the noise of the city. They are especially comfortable. Without the sound of siren, the mood of usually stressful work is also much relieved. I suggest you go and play and will come again. Thank you boss for taking care of these days ,Wish you a prosperous business
Yalv River Wetland
80 Reviews
GavinlyI came here late in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and I saw a few birds. I saw a lot of seabirds living in the breeding pond before the return journey. This attraction will come in April or May. The southern birds will come back to search for food and settle. Have fun on my own, not in vain. I accompanied my son to catch a lot of crabs, all of them were very small, pressed under the rocks. After playing enough, my son took the initiative to release the crabs. The idea is good. Remember to look at the tide table below.
Donggangshi Geming Lieshi Monument
42 Reviews
M33***58The Monument to the Revolutionary Martyrs of Donggang City is to commemorate the more than 100 martyrs who sacrificed for the liberation of Donggang City (formerly Donggou County) during the War of Liberation, and the more than 1,100 outstanding sons and daughters of Donggang who sacrificed for the liberation of China, the War of Resistance against U.S. Aid Korea, and the defense of the country. Built. In June 1986, the Fifth Session of the Fourth Donggou County of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference proposed for the first time a proposal to build a monument to revolutionary martyrs in the county seat. In April 1987, at the first meeting of the fifth session of the CPPCC, in conjunction with the activities to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Donggou, it once again proposed the "Proposal on Building a Monument to Revolutionary Martyrs in Dadong Town, the county seat." On June 8th of the same year, the Donggou County Party Committee and County Government made the "Decision on Establishing a Monument to Revolutionary Martyrs." On June 10th, while commemorating the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Donggou County, the Donggou County Party Committee and the County Government also held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Monument to Revolutionary Martyrs in Donggou County in the scenic Taiping Lake Park in the county seat. After the liberation of Andong County (Donggou County), Yu Jingqing, the first county magistrate and then vice chairman of the CPPCC Liaoning Province, cut the ribbon for the foundation stone of the monument. In August 1989, the Monument to Revolutionary Martyrs in Donggou County was completed. Shao Yu, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and a famous painter and painter, wrote the monument "Revolutionary Martyrs Immortal". On September 27, the Donggou County Party Committee and County Government held a ceremony to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the unveiling of the Donggou County Revolutionary Martyrs Monument, which was subsequently opened to the public.    July 2004, Donggang City

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Little Island
Little IslandDandong,China

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Donggangshi Geming Lieshi Monument
Donggangshi Geming Lieshi MonumentDandong,China

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Tiejia Reservoir
Tiejia ReservoirDandong,China

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Guyun Street
Guyun StreetDandong,China

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Dalu Island
Dalu IslandDandong,China

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Yalv River Wetland
Yalv River WetlandDandong,China

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Donggang Travel Tips

About Donggang

Located on the north bank of the Yellow River in eastern Liaoning, Donggang (“East Harbor”) is separated from DPRK by a river and faces out toward the sea. Donggang is China's northernmost new port city. Donggang has an outstanding geographical location and serves as a transport hub between China, South Korea, and DPRK. It is also a key location on Eurasian transport routes. Within Donggang you will find travel destinations like the complex of ancient buildings at Dagu Mountain, the coastal wetlands at the mouth of the Yalu River, and the Dalu Island Resort.

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Donggang Weather

Apr 23, 2021
Light rain
10 ~ 16
Apr 24, 2021
8 / 22
Apr 25, 2021
6 / 23
Apr 26, 2021
8 / 20
Apr 27, 2021
Light rain
8 / 13
Apr 28, 2021
5 / 20
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Donggang
Apr 23, 2021 Donggang Weather:Light rain, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:90%, Sunrise/Sunset:04:55/18:29
Donggang Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Donggang, including: Northern Yellow Sea Hot Spring Resort,Dalu Island,Zhang Island
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