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About Dongxing

Dongxing is situated on the southwestern corner of the Chinese coast on the border with Vietnam. It is an important port for trade between China and Southeast Asia. The Beilun River forms the border between China and the Vietnamese town of Móng Cái. Dongxing is known for its fine sandy beaches, crystal-clear seawater and stunning sunset views. Popular destinations include Dongxing Jingdao Scenic Area, which boasts picturesque coastal scenery and traditional local culture.

Popular Attractions in Dongxing

Port of Dongxing
170 Reviews
The Port of Dongxing is located in Dongxing City in Fangchenggang. It is connected to Mon Cai in Vietnam through the Beilun River Bridge. It is currently the main trade route between China and Vietnam, and it is also the only way to leave the country from this area. The Dongxing Port is solemn and the five-star red flag flies high. On the street below Dongxing Port, stands the Great Qing Dynasty No. 5 boundary pillar. With the establishment of the 1,369th boundary pillar, it still has great historical significance, although it is not officially in use. Five-star red flags are inserted on the houses on both sides of the street. The Ho Chi Minh Pavilion is also located next to the Dongxing Port. It was established to commemorate a trip to Dongxing by Vietnamese Workers’ Party Chairman, Ho Chi Minh.
Wanwei Golden Beach
367 Reviews
Located on Wanwei Island in Dongxing City, this beach is named for the dazzling golden appearance of the special sand here under the light of the setting sun. The beach here is level, and the water is clear; there is a beautiful feeling of being in a tranquil and pristine environment. Many guests choose to visit around dusk. They stroll along the beach or take a fishing boat out to sea to enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery and enjoy a moment of contentment. When the sun sets, you will enjoy the sight of the ocean and the dazzling golden beach.
Boundary Monument No.5 in the Great Qing Dynasty
81 Reviews
Historical Site
Located below Beilun River Bridge beside Dongxing Port, Boundary Monument No.5 in the Great Qing Dynasty has a long history. It was once a boundary monument on the border of China and Vietnam but following the establishment of Boundary Monument No.1369, it was relegated to a symbol of history. Many tourists come here to take photos with the monument. Moreover, Beilun River Bridge, Ho Chi Minh Pavilion and a Vietnamese-style street also deserve a visit.
Dongxing Pingfeng Rainforest Park
189 Reviews
Pingfeng Rainforest Park is seated in Pingfeng Village in Malu Town, Dongxing City. The scenic area mainly consists of the Red Rock Valley Rafting and Shimen Valley Sightseeing Area. After entering the scenic gate, you can see lush green plants and feel the moist fresh air. Walking slowly along the trails in the forest, you are surrounded by green plants all the way. There are many waterfalls of different sizes and spectacular beauty. Here, you enjoy natural scenery while experiencing exciting rafting.

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Trip Moments

The position of the Daqingguo No. 1 boundary monument is special. It is not only the symbol of the border between China and Vietnam, but also the starting point of the Chinese coastline and the starting point of the land boundary line. The coastline of the Chinese mainland starts from the Yalu River estuary in Dandong City, Liaoning Province, and ends at the Beilun River mouth in Dongxing City, Guangxi, with a total length of 18,000 kilometers. The Chinese land boundary line starts from the boundary of the Daqing State and turns northwest to the northwest. Then, at the mouth of the Yalu River, the Daqingguo No. 1 boundary is the intersection of the mainland coastline and the land boundary line. People who have religious beliefs generally have public places of worship. The religious sites of the Jing people in Guangxi are not temples, temples or churches, nor are they a mountain or a specific object. They are the Hatings in each village. They gather here and are here. The violin is a folk instrument popular among the people of the Jing people. Whether it is festive or slack farming, people should sing impromptu folk songs under its accompaniment. Because its pronunciation is very similar to the tone of the folk songs of the Jing people, the decorative sound is full of sing-like charm, so when accompanying the folk songs, the sound of the piano is mixed, and the two are integrated. As the Fangchenggang of the Sino-Vietnamese border, the people and culture of China and Vietnam exchange frequently here, bringing a unique charm to this border city. On the 10th and 20th of each month, the Chinese and Vietnamese seniors will come to each other's elderly distribution centers to bring talents to each other and add a different kind of excitement to the elderly.
Posted: Mar 11, 2019